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When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy Appliances?

Sheetal Mandora Oct 6, 2018
Consumers are always in a tizz as to when a new appliance should be purchased. Read some helpful tips that'll help you save money, and grab a good deal.
Ideally, September and October are ideal for purchasing appliances as many hypermarkets and departmental stores get new models and range of appliances in their stores. This is the time when big brands also launch new models of their own. So as a result, these two months can be seen fit to make the purchase.

Tips on Saving Big on Kitchen Appliances

Just because September and October are some of the best months to buy major appliances, that doesn't mean you need to wait the entire year. When there's an emergency or requirement for certain appliance, you can't wait around to see where you can catch a sale.

Timing is Always Right

Now we already told you about the golden months for shopping, but we still haven't disclosed the reason behind it. Have we? I mean, of course we spoke about how companies and manufacturers launch new products and brands. But there's one more thing behind it.
When new products come in, retailers are forced to clear their old stock and room in the warehouses. This way, when the new products are launched, the retailers can display them on their floors. And that's when you attack (well, not literally). At clearance, you get amazing discounts.
So whenever someone asks you when's the right time that you'll find appliances on sale, don't forget to mention the tip you just learned here.

Festive Occasions

During the holiday season, everywhere you go, you're going to see signs for sale. Let that be for apparel, shoes, home appliances, electronic gadgets, or other products, there's not one retailer and store that won't have a sale.
This is a great tactic for them to clear their old inventory and gives you the opportunity to spend as little as possible. Also keep an eye for early bird specials. Many stores let customers purchase certain appliances during particular hours in the morning.
No wonder there's a huge line in front of Wal-Mart, Sears, and other departmental stores after 4th of July, Memorial Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Check the Websites

As major departmental stores and hypermarkets have their own websites, this is a good way to search for deals on appliances. There are certain items that are on sale, even during off-season.
Now there is a shipping and handling charge that you might have to pay for an online purchase. So if you would like to avoid it and save more, you can choose to pick up the appliance from the store itself. 
It would be a lot cheaper than having them ship it to your home. Plus, you won't have to wait around all day for them to make the delivery and at your own convenience, pick up the appliances on your own.

Old is New

Every year, manufacturers introduce a newer model in the same appliance range. With a few tweaks (which aren't that major or necessary), they increase the price of the items and sell them under a new name to make more money.
Well, as a smart shopper, instead of falling prey to this marketing tactic, you can opt to purchase last year's model. This will help you save loads.
Also, when you're purchasing big appliances, if there are small dents or scratches on them, don't hesitate to buy them. The price of such appliances will be less and the scratches or minor dents don't make a huge difference. Place refrigerator magnets over the scratches, and no one will ever know they exist.
Always remember to shop smartly. For example, when you want to purchase a new air conditioner, don't pick the middle of summer to do so. Instead, plan ahead of time and make the purchase in winter when the demand for air conditioners is low. Similarly, when you want to buy a heater, opt to shop in summer and save big.