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When Should You Wash Your Towel?

Sudip Paul Aug 19, 2019
Washing towels is really difficult at some points of time. There are several towel fabrics which need special care while you wash them, as rough treatment may destroy their comfort feel.
You should wash your bath towel in warm water. The water should be at least 60°C to kill bacteria. You may use your washing machine in sanitize mode. You need to wash your towel twice — first time with water and vinegar and second time with detergent. Do not use fabric softener.
A towel is an essential feature in your bathroom. It is vital to ensure it is clean as it dries you. Failure to dry it, will cause undesired health issues and spread bacteria among people. Wash your bath towel after you use it the fourth time to ensure it is clean and safe to use.

When Should You Wash Your Towel

A clean towel has many benefits. You may use a towel several times before disposing it. Therefore, it is vital to know when to wash your towel to continue using a clean towel. There is no fixed time to clean your towel. However, we recommend that you wash your towel after you have used it three to four times.
If you use the towel twice a day, wash it after every two days. If you use it once a day, you may clean it after every three to four days. If you take longer to clean your towel, it might become a conducive environment for bacteria to grow. Furthermore, washing your towel daily does keep it clean but on the other hand the towel also wears off faster.
  • Your towel may need cleaning more often, depending on your health condition or of others who share your towel with you.
  • You may also need to wash your towel more frequently if it barely dries or is not left to allow aeration after use.