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Where To Buy Dry Ice

Shrinivas Kanade Nov 4, 2018
Dry ice is extremely cold and can be used in applications where traditional ice is used. It is a non-toxic and non-hazardous material which is also used in several industries for cleaning purposes. There are several places where you can buy dry ice.
Dry ice is required if you want to keep something cool for a short time. May be, you want to send a gift to your home or to one of your dearest friend and you want it to be maintained at the temperature that is below the room temperature.
In such a situation, searching for information on buying dry ice is simply a logical step, before buying the gift. Here is some information on purchasing this product, which might come handy, when you are really pressed for time.

What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of pure carbon dioxide gas. It is preferred in many applications over the traditional ice, which melts and creates mess for you to clean. Using dry ice is easy because it does not melt into the liquid state.
At room temperature, it changes its form from solid to the carbon dioxide gas and escapes into the air as white smoke and thus it is less messy than using traditional ice. This process is referred to as 'sublimation'.

Buying Dry Ice

You would have to look for businesses that need to store goods and materials below room temperature. If these are present in your locality, inquire whether they can sell dry ice to you or you can look for wholesale or retail sellers in your. If you work on this hint, there are some places that can be of help you need to buy few chunks or slabs of dry ice.


You can go through the 'yellow pages' to locate the establishments which make and supply dry ice. Alternatively, you can search on the Internet to find one of these companies in your locality, that is convenient to you. Contact them to inquire about the delivery charges and how much the dry ice will cost you.


Most super-markets and grocery shops do stock dry ice for their own storage purposes. You may get the required amount of dry ice from these stores. Inquire at these establishments to know the charges. Most probably, you will have to ask for the person, who looks after the safe storage of valuable perishable items such as meat and grocery at these places.


Other places where you can buy the dry ice is the butcher shop and ice cream sellers or ice cream parlor. Aren't these the logical places to inquire at? Both of these establishments need dry ice to preserve their foodstuff. You may strike luck at one of the place and can buy the required amount of dry ice.

Uses of Dry Ice

There are many uses of dry ice. It is applied to the dent in the body of the vehicle. The extreme coldness of dry ice causes the metal to contract and successfully pulls out the dent. In canning industry, it is used to preserve the canned food items. At home, it can be used to preserve the food, especially, during the power cuts.
Even though dry ice can be used to cool liquids, don't ever add it to your drink. The dry ice temperature is -109º Fahrenheit or 78.5º Celsius, which is much colder than regular ice. This is an additional reason, for which it is preferred when an item requires extremely low temperature for longer periods of time to preserve.
While making dry ice, carbon dioxide gas is first pressurized, and then cooled. This creates the liquid form of carbon dioxide, which when allowed expands and creates the solid form of carbon dioxide or dry ice.

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

In this process, the dry ice pellets are blasted at the surface to be cleaned with the help of compressed air, rather than using environment unfriendly chemicals. Dry ice on contact with the surface sublimates instantly and escapes into the air, leaving no mess to clean, behind. Dry ice blasting is also known cryogenic cleaning.
The industries such as aircraft and aerospace, printing, foundries, electrical and electronics find dry ice blasting an extremely useful technique. It can also be used in cleaning the sanding belts in wood working or auto body plant, without halting the belts.
Extreme coldness of dry ice demands its careful handling. Unless, you wear hand-gloves while handling it, you may end up with a frostbite within a second. Because of this reason, it is not sold to anyone under 18 years of age. If you are going to carry it in your car, keep the window open as a precaution. Once again, be careful while handling this material.