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Why We Need A Digital Lock

Go Digital Lock Pte Ltd Dec 02, 2019
Digital locks are a popular alternative to the usual key and lock combination. They use electricity instead of a key to operate the lock. They help provide security that is convenient for your home without the hassle of keys.

Benefits of Digital Lock

  • The convenience of a keyless system
  • You will never forget to lock your door
  • You can allow guests in your home easily and safely
  • Perfect for a smart home
  • They have modern and stylish designs

Types of digital locks

  • SMARTPHONE App Connected Digital Lock
  • NFC
  • Password digital lock
  • Biometric lock
  • Bluetooth digital lock
  • Card or RFID digital lock

Where to buy a digital lock-in Singapore

You can get a digital lock both in retail stores and also online through godigitallock.

Price of digital locks in Singapore

Digital locks prices start from around $200 to $1000 or more for more advanced designs and technology.

Digital lock installation in Singapore

Installing a digital lock service will cost around $120 to $200 depending on the type of lock and the company you choose to install.