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Why You Should Prefer Glass Railings Over Wooden Railings

stacy johnna Jan 9, 2020
Everyone wants to have a versatile outdoor space that is not only durable but also safe. Your outdoor space design requires your special attention to the exterior architectural element and color scheme of your building. There are a lot of typical outdoor material options that seem to be wise choices for those who prefer safety and durability.
But surprisingly some bold options are having modern touch and visual appeal while also serving the main purpose of safety and durability. The glass railing is one of the latest residential exterior trends. Especially when it comes to the balcony railing, glass gives an aesthetic and modern look to outdoor space.
They open up the view and also add a unique high-end look that will make your building stand out from the rest, resulting in higher property values.

Usually, glass tends to be a perfect material for windows and doors but it can be a great alternative to wood for outdoor space like your balcony and deck. Glass can be a perfect fit in these situations.

When You Want a Great View

One of the main reasons to go for a glass railing option is a great view. If you are living in a beautiful residential area and you like enjoying the view from all angles which is not possible in case of wooden deck railings.

When You Want Privacy

Some of the exterior designers or homeowners may feel that the wooden deck seems to serve the purpose of maintaining privacy more efficiently.
But frosted glass not only serves this purpose but also gives a modern and stylish look to the building. Frosted glass railing is available in many opacity levels ranging from mildly cloudy to opaque.

When you are Residing in Colder Climate

Unlike wooden decks, glass deck railing are climate-friendly. If you are living in a colder area then taller glass railing can help you to keep your outdoor space warm without blocking your view.

What are Some Contemporary Styles?

There is a wide range of glass railing styles. A large variety of metal and glass components allows customizing the deck that suits one’s aesthetic taste. Here are some contemporary styles topping the charts.

Glass Railings Complementing Floating Wooden Stairs

This is one of the most loved glass styles trending in the home exterior industry. This design looks so beautiful and stylish.
As the railing is made with tempered glass which is strong and durable they can easily replace wooden railings. These stairs are a perfect fit for modern tech homes because they seem like an extension of other screens in the house.

Newest Hybrid Railing

Staircase designs are becoming more and more interesting. Now interior home designers have come up with a new design called Hybrid Railing. Which is made up of cable and glass. Tempered glass panels are fixed into cable railing which is stronger than glass making the hybrid railing much more stronger than normal cable and glass railing.

Sleek Spiral Glass Railing

They are in a new craze among home exterior designers. These are the most unique style of railing made up of a tempered glass of different shapes.

Wooden Framed

This design is becoming everyone’s favorite. Slim wooden frames are used with tempered glass to built this railing design. Wooden framed glass railings are available in endless varieties.

Glass Railings With a Wide Variety of Handrails

Another thing to consider while deciding on glass railing is handrail or the top cap of the railings. There are the safety concerns that shouldn't be ignored. As handrails are the holding support that sits over the glass or somehow attached to the glass railing, they have to be strong enough.

Standard Height for Handrails

Handrails must cover the entire length of the stair from bottom to the top. The top gripping surface of a standard handrail must be between 34 inches to 38 inches. That means if we measure them vertically they must be in between 34-38 inch till the stair nosing.

Glass Railing Installation and Maintenance

Their installation is very basic. Though there is a difference between commercial and residential installation. There are some local building codes that you have to consider before purchasing and installing glass railings. Because in some areas they are not allowed as guard railing systems.
Consult your local building inspection authority to ensure such product code is complaint with your intended use to avoid any inconvenience. Well this is the responsibility of the owner to comply with local building inspection authority rules and regulations.
Glass is a transparent material offering a clear view. It is also prone to dust and stains. But with regular cleaning, you can keep your railing shine all day long. Cleanliness and maintenance of glass are very easy and simple. You can use the same cleaning product for glass railing that you normally use to clean your windows and doors.
The microfiber cleaning cloth is ideal to clean all kinds of glass. However, the exterior requires more care and maintenance, you need to clean your railing maximum twice a week. If you are residing in a cold climate, then you must take extra care because due to the rain or snowy weather your railing glass tends to be cloudy more often.
Pressure washing tools can be ideal to rinse off the dirt easily. However, make sure the pressure is not that high and you are standing far away otherwise it can harm your glass. After washing the glass with pressure water use a fiber cloth to dry it. There are also different cleaning chemicals available in the market for glass interior/exterior elements.