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Window Frame Repair

Sheetal Mandora Nov 26, 2018
Window frames take a beating from ever-changing seasons, no matter how much we take care of them. For a room with wooden window frames, read on to learn how to repair it properly.
No matter the quality of the wooden windows installed in your home, eventually, they will develop issues over a period of time. Repairing home windows has two basic criteria that you need to be aware of.
  1. Fixing the window frames and sash
  2. Replacing or repairing the window glass
Let's concentrate on the issue revolving the window frame and sash.
Years of harsh weather conditions and sometimes, lack of maintenance, can lead to worn out window frames. To protect them from damaging pretty often, regular care is needed no matter what type of frame it may be. Wooden, vinyl, and aluminum frames need special care, so that they last for a longer time and will safeguard your home as well.

Wooden Frame

Regular frames are made of wood that often get rotten spots on them. It's a safety issue because a weak frame can let water trickle down during rain and/or melting snow inside the house. This will eventually spoil the frame and make the window pane fall off. To avoid any serious damages, follow the steps to repair the wooden frame mentioned here.
1. If more than 10% of the window is damaged, a repair is required. To remove the rotten wood from the frame, use a screwdriver to scrape it out.
2. Apply wood preservative on the frame to treat it, although we'll suggest you apply the preservative on the entire frame. This will minimize the chances of damaging more wood near the infected area.
3. Take wood putty and fill the hollowed area. It all depends on how deep the damage is for you to use the putty. If it is considerably hollow, then you might have to build the putty in thin layers, so that it looks like the actual frame. Let it dry for a day or two.
4. Smooth the area with a sandpaper and paint the entire frame.
An important tip for any future window frame repair―regular window cleaning and repainting them as often as needed. This will prevent the frames from getting damaged, or perhaps worse.