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Wine Stain Removal

Wine Stain Removal

Wine stain removal can prove to be a daunting affair if you don't have the right removal measures up your sleeve to counter instant stains. However, if you are mentally equipped with handling wine stains, dealing with them will not seem difficult at all.
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Entertaining has its pros and cons. Inviting friends over for dinner and having a blast often comes at a price. Sometimes, this price can be your lovely new carpet or your sofa. When your dear friend accidentally drops some wine on the carpet, what can one do but say 'it's OK'. Nevertheless, the sting felt on seeing the stained carpet can be quite bad. Entertaining cannot be avoided just because you are afraid of getting your sofa and carpet stained. Moreover, stains are inevitable! They just seem to barge their way into lovely parties. If you have some easy wine stain removal remedies up your sleeve, you can manage to enjoy the rest of the party, being assured that the stain will come off. Let's have a look at some ways of how to remove wine stains.

Wine can stain various surfaces like carpets, clothing, upholstery, etc. leaving red or yellowish splotches behind. Red wine comprises tannins and dark colors which leave nasty stains behind.

Carpet Wine Stain Removal Instructions

Step 1
As soon as the wine hits the carpet, grab hold of some paper towels and blot out as much wine as possible. However, in the eagerness to blot out as much as you can, make sure you do not apply too much pressure as this can cause the wine spillage to set deeper into the fabric. It's important while blotting to start from the outer edges and then move towards the center.

Step 2
If the wine stain dries up, removing the stain becomes a daunting task. Thus, it's important to prevent the stain from drying. If the spillage has occurred in the midst of a party and you cannot clean the carpet immediately, then take some salt and apply it to the stained area. This prevents the stain from drying till the time you can clean it up. This salt method is one of the most important tips that can save your precious carpet.

Step 3
Once the party is over and the guests have left, quickly vacuum up the salt. Rush to the kitchen and grab hold of a bowl. Pour in some dish-washing liquid, white vinegar and tepid water. Find a clean rag and rush to the accident site. Gently dunk a part of the clean rag into the prepared soap-vinegar mixture and gently dab the cloth onto the stain. Move from the outer edges to the interior. Now take paper towels and blot the stain dry. Follow this procedure till the rag no longer absorbs any wine.

Just like how diamond cuts diamond, wine counters wine. White wine can be used to remove red wine stains from the carpet. It neutralizes the red wine, making it easier to lift the red stain off the carpet. Just pour some white wine onto the stained area and gently blot the liquid with a towel. Once most of it is absorbed by the towel, take some carpet shampoo and clean normally as if the stain is nothing but some gunk stuck on the carpet.

Clothing Wine Stain Removal Instructions

Step 1
The first thing to do when you end up with red wine stained clothes is to check the labels. If the label calls for dry cleaning only, then follow the instructions.

Step 2
If dry cleaning is not necessary, get some talcum powder from the cupboard and apply it on the stain. The powder will absorb the red wine molecules from the clothing fiber. Once the stain is dry, get the colored powder off by gently shaking the powder with a soft-bristle brush. Launder as usual in the washing machine.

If you are out at a restaurant when the spillage occurs, then club soda is a great choice to clear the stain. Just dab a clean cloth with some club soda and blot out the stain. If there is white wine on the table, then take that and pour some of it onto the stained area. There are different commercial wine stain removers that one can opt for as well. They work well and clear the stains off your clothing, upholstery and carpets.
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