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An Overview of Wireless Memory Card Home Security System

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Jun 22, 2019
Here's the perfect solution to your security concerns. These wireless security systems help you to keep an eye on certain areas in and around your house. Read on to know more about them.
Home security is a major cause of concern due to an alarming rise in the number of crimes like theft and murders taking place these days. Most systems fail to guard your house while you are away.
These systems do not have any provision for recording the crime. However, the new wireless system not only protects your house in your absence, but also provides you the necessary evidence if something goes wrong.
This system consists of a sensor, a camera, and a base unit.
Considering the benefits that this system provides, its cost is surprisingly low. You should consider installing this system in your home as it not only detects the break-ins, but also records the whole event. This helps the cops in investigating the crime and also present it as valid evidence in the court.


The sensor in this system is equipped with an alarm that sets off in case of a break-in, alerting the occupants of the house. It detects any unusual or suspicious movement and causes the alarm to go off.
The sensor is sensitive enough to pick up movements like tripping over a garbage can or barging through a back door. This utility warns the occupants of a potential threat and gives them a chance to prepare themselves.


The system's camera captures the unusual movements and records them. You can place the camera in all the threat-prone areas, such as the front porch, back door, and windows.
Many people choose to hide the camera within flowerpots or place it in unexpected areas. You can pose it as a smoke alarm or a normal light bulb to avoid revealing the position.
The best position for placing the camera is on the ceiling, this allows it to cover a wide area and prevent it from getting damaged. Few people intelligently place a dummy camera in the most obvious places and the actual hidden camera captures all the events. This deters the invader from stealing a particular thing from that area.


Installing this security system is quite simple. Since it is wireless, you do not have to bother about placing and masking the wires. The system can be accessed from any device which has the required software installed in it.

Safety and Privacy

These home security systems are absolutely safe to use and very reliable. However, few think that these systems invade their privacy in some or the other way. To avoid possible arguements over the privacy issue, always take your family members in confidence and aware them about where you have hidden the camera. Never hide a camera in a bathroom or bedroom.