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Types of Wood Paper Towel Holders That You Can Try Out

Wood Paper Towel Holders
If a roll of paper towel is amongst the 'must have' pieces in your kitchen, why not fix it in a paper towel holder? Wood paper towel holders are popular picks used for keeping the towel roll or bunch in place and making it easily accessible whenever required. Here's more about the rich looking holders.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Paper towels are best for wiping dishes or cooking utensils and offer a good alternative to wet sponge and kitchen napkins. Well, if you always have a roll or bunch of paper towels, lying on the countertop, serving table or kitchen island, why not have it installed in a paper towel holder? Yes, holders are becoming popular kitchen accessories as these not only hold the paper towels in place but also make good accent pieces for your cooking area.
You can find a wide range of options in towel holders in the market. Though these are available in stainless steel, metal, chrome and plastic material, the wooden holders have a unique charm and are hence amongst the most popular picks. Wood paper towel holders look class apart and blend well with any type of kitchen decor.
Options in Wooden Paper Towel Holders
Simply... Holders
The simplest design is the one which just holds the towels in place and rests on any flat surface. You can either go for a design similar to the paper napkin holders, in which bunch of paper towels need to be placed vertically between the gap or opt for the one having a horizontal rod in which you can insert the cylindrical paper towel roll. This design is much similar to a bangle holder and comes in vertical and horizontal style with a flat base.
Wall Mountable Holders
While stand-styled holders which are placed on table or any other surface are much popular, you can also grab the wall mounted holders that are made of wood. If you have a small kitchen or if you don't want to invest the countertop space in placing a towel holder, just opt for the wall mountable towel holder. Such wall mountable holders have hooks at the rear side which help you mount the piece over the wall. Hanging the holder under cabinet is a good idea. You can also hang it under the spice rack or fix it on the door of a cabinet. Most of the wall mountable pieces also have a flat base which offers you the option of placing it on table if you don't wish to hang it.
Multi-purpose Holders
Well, if you are interested in having a piece that offers much more than a space to hold paper towels, multi-purpose holder is the thing to opt for. You can find a holder that consists of fixed salt and pepper bottles. A spice rack with horizontal holder attached to its bottom is also one of the must checkout pieces. Apart from this, you can opt for a design that accommodates paper towel bunch and also has glass type of hollow slot to hold small spoons. Apart from this, wall-mountable holders with two horizontal shelves attached over it is a must checkout piece. You can place small bottles, candles and any items on these shelves.
Pieces with dual finish and those made of mixed materials are also good to be placed in your kitchen. You can find beautiful holders in stores selling kitchen utensils and accessories. A range of towel holders made of quality wood can also be found online. Unique designs of towel holders with various wooden finish and textured surfaces are available on a number of websites selling such products. Paper towel holders can be bought at cheaper rates through shopping websites. You can browse through the options in each types of towel holder and decide your pick.
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