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Your Ultimate Guide to the 5 Materials That Make a Modern Deck

A list of the top 5 materials to make a modern deck.
Modern Times Sep 6, 2019
Picture this: you hear birds chirping happily while sipping a nice hot cup of coffee on a great new deck. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Most of us have this great visual in our head but lack any idea of what the different materials actually are for decks.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the 5 most common materials that make a modern deck.

Aluminum Decking

The biggest bonus with aluminum decking is that it won’t need annual upkeep and it won’t hold onto heat. Not being wood means it won’t warp, mold, or splinter. This is a great option for decks near pools as it is slip resistant and resistant to water damage.

Most of these decks are made to not drip water so you gain more space underneath the deck as well.

Plastic Decking

While this option won’t look as natural and can get slippery when wet, this deck will require less maintenance as it won’t require staining and cleaning is very easy (just soap and water). Plus, it is lightweight, won’t attract bugs, won't warp, and won’t decay.

Composite Decking

Being composed of recycled plastic and wood fibers, composite decking is an eco-friendly option that requires very little cleaning and won’t require any treatments.

However, the more natural look you will get with the wood fragments does mean that it is slightly more susceptible to decay over time (especially in damp climates).

Pressure Treated Lumber Decking

Probably the cheapest option, pressure treated lumber decking is infused with chemicals that make it resistant to rot, moisture, and insects.

While you save money, this will require some maintenance as these decks will need to be restained and resealed to prevent the infused chemicals from catching fire every few years.

Natural Wood Decking

The biggest plus with natural wood is how authentic it is. While the natural beauty makes it worth the hassle for some, natural wood will require a fair amount of upkeep (sanding, staining, pressure washing, etc.).
Whether you want to go with a more industrial look or a more natural look, there are all kinds of ways to cut costs when it comes to a new deck. It’s important to consider things like climate, space, design, and personal needs when deciding on which material to pick for your new deck.