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Amazing Uses of Brasso

Amazing Uses of Brasso

Brasso - a metal polish - has been in the market for over 100 years now and is certainly a household name when it comes to cleaning brass and copper artifacts. This HomeQuicks article enlists some amazing uses of Brasso.
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Did You Know?
Though Brasso was originally invented in Britain, and available in metal cans, it has undergone plenty of changes. It now comes in a plastic can and has huge market in Europe, United States, Australia, and Asia too.
Brasso is a metal polish that has a myriad uses besides cleaning brass objects. It is mainly used to clean copper, chrome, brass, pewter, stainless steel, etc. It was first formulated in Britain, in 1905, and since then, there has been no looking back, and it has now has become a household name. It has been in metal cleaning business for over 100 years now, and has become synonymous with any household cleaning.

There have been extremely good reviews about this brand for polishing metals and ease of its use. The current manufacturer of Brasso is RB (Reckitt Benckiser). It is mildly abrasive and cleans the surface without damaging the metal. The following are some amazing uses of Brasso.
Home D├ęcor
  • It can be used to clean and polish name plates, door locks and knobs, candle holders, carpet rods, picture frames, metal on furniture, chandeliers, metal railings, copper and brass lamps, etc. 
  • You can remove cup rings and other stains from your furniture by using Brasso.
  • It can be used to clean copper plates and pans. Brasso will make them spotless! 
  • You can also clean your stainless steel kitchen sink and faucets by using it.
  • You can also employ Brasso to polish the metal buckle on your belt and other metal accessories in your wardrobe.
  • It can help to keep your brass and copper jewelry sparkling too.
Other Uses
  • Clean old copper coins or shine your old metal artifacts again.
  • Clean musical instruments like cymbals or other metallic instruments. 
  • Some consumers have used it to polish glass or plastic watch crystals. However, do it, if you're willing to take a risk with your watch.
  • Some even use it to clean the decal on Lego figurines. Interesting use, I would say!
  • Another use of Brasso, that people have tried, is to remove the scratches on the glass or plastic lens of their spectacles or sunglasses.
  • Brasso has also been used to remove the scratches on the surface of a CD or DVD.
Uses of Brasso Gadgetcare
Their new product, ' Brasso Gadgetcare' has been used to clean modern gadgets such as TV screens, laptop screens , iPads, iPhones, PSPs, etc. It uses an advanced anti-static technology, and also provides a covering of silicone.
Can You Use Brasso on Silver?
The reviews of using Brasso on silver have been mixed. While many customers complain that it damages their silverware, others have achieved good results. It is best to read the product description before using it on any product. The manufacturers of Brasso have also launched another product 'Silvo' that is used for polishing silver. It is recommended to use it after testing it on your silverware.

Kindly exercise caution before using Brasso on ancient artifacts, or anything that has historical value. Since it can be abrasive, test its effect on a small area before using it.
Tips for Use
  • Use a soft cloth, soak it in Brasso, and wipe it on the surface of the product. It is advisable to use gloves during this process.
  • Use a clean cloth of wipe it off after some time. Observe the safety instructions before using the product. Avoid eye and skin contact and keep it away from the reach of children.
  • On experiencing any side effects, kindly observe the first-aid instructions mentioned on the product, and seek medical attention. Also, follow the disposal instructions.
There have been positive customer reviews about this product; however, some customers complain that it is abrasive in nature. Of course, considering its toxic nature, you've to be careful while using it. Do not overuse it. Follow the instructions carefully, and add sparkle to all those tarnished metals.
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