Best Central Vacuum System

Best Central Vacuum System

Are you fed up of dragging your portable vacuum cleaner from one room to the other? Then it's time to buy the best central vacuum system for your house. Read on to get detailed information about it.
Mobile vacuum cleaners are no doubt helpful in cleaning up the house, but when you need to carry them from one room to another or from one floor to other, you definitely face problems. The work may seem to be burden at such times. So, to avoid such conditions, you can now use central vacuum systems. These systems are very effective and are very useful in cleaning house. But, choosing the best central vacuum system is a difficult task when you have a number of products in the market. So, let's find out what is a central vacuum system, how does it works and what are some of the best central vacuum products in the market.

What is a Central Vacuum System?

Central vacuum system is a kind of vacuum cleaner which is centrally connected to one unit or dirt collecting canister. Dust and debris travels through the PVC pipes which run through the walls and are dump in the canister. The canister is placed at the most remote place like basement, garage or store room. The motor used in the central vacuum system has greater power than the mobile vacuum cleaner as the suction capacity is more in the central vacuum system, which is measured in terms of 'water lift'. When you switch on the motor the hose helps to clean the house. The dirt is sucked with the help of the suction capacity which then dumped inside the canister. The canister need to be cleaned 2 to 3 times in a year. Some of the advantages of the central vacuum system are as follows.
  • They make less noise as compared to the portable vacuum cleaner. As the motor is fitted in the remote places the noise is suppressed and you may work quietly and yes, effectively. You can get specialized central vacuum system with silencing technology, which lowers the noise and make the system even more quite.
  • Central vacuum systems are very effective cleaners as their water lift or suction capacity is high as compared to the mobile vacuum cleaner.
  • You don't need to carry the vacuum cleaner to every room as it is connected centrally. You can clean the remote places with the help of long hose and can easily clean upper floors without taking the burden of hauling the machine to different floors.
  • The dust and debris are sent through the pipe to the canister which is located at the remote place, hence there is no change of dust in the air. This gives relief from allergens and the people who have breathing problems like asthma can easily use this machine.
  • These vacuum systems are more durable and effective than the portable vacuum system. Hence you can use the product for a very long time which will proof to be more cost-effective.
Central Vacuum System Reviews

There are mainly three types of central vacuum systems, they are: cyclonic system, bagged system and filter system. All these three systems are good at their work, but which is the best central vacuum system, is still a question. Well, this question will depend upon your need and your budget. Following are some of the products which are among the top most central vacuum systems. These products are very good in floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. You can just go through their reviews, to find out the best central vacuum cleaner for your house.

Eureka 008324-CV1820G
Estimated Price: $748.50 approx.
This is one of the most preferred vacuum systems available in the market. It is designed to work efficiently for 3,500 square feet house. It is powered with 2 stage motor unit which is capable of belting out 460 air watts to produce a 115" water lift suction power, and 109 CFM air flow. It's dirt holding capacity is about 8 gallon. It is considered as all in one model.

Hoover S5604
Estimated Price: $499.95 approx.
This model is sufficient for cleaning 8,000 square feet house. It has a 3 stage motor which is capable of belting out 465 air watts to produce 136" water lift and 97 CFM air flow. It's dirt holding capacity is about 9 gallon. It consists of a micro-tex filter which does not require any cleaning.

Hayden SuperVac 6000
Estimated Price: $749.95 approx.
Hayden SuperVac 6000 vacuum cleaner is designed for any size house. It has a cyclonic separator cone and a cartridge filter which separates the allergens from the air. Its motor is capable of belting out 568 Air watts to produce 147" water lift and 103 CFM airflow. It's dirt holding capacity is about 4.75 gallon.

Now that you know about the central vacuum system, you can judge among the options given in the market and can pick the best central vacuum cleaner. As you also need to take care of your budget you can go for the best machine in your price range. So, use the latest technology and keep your house clean.