Best Products to Clean Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles indeed account for the prettiest floors, but at a price. They can be difficult to take care of if they're not cleaned regularly. HomeQuicks gives you a list of the best products to clean ceramic tiles, and some tips to keep them shining.
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Did You Know?
History tells us that the first ceramic tiles were manufactured as early as 14,000 BCE. We can't help but wonder, how did the people of that era keep their tiles clean?
Though we have a wide range of flooring options available, many of us choose ceramic tiles over every other type of flooring. Ceramic tiles are available in countless attractive designs, and give the floor, and ultimately that room, an attractive, aesthetic look. However, it is very necessary that these tiles be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt and stains settling on them permanently; and for many ceramic-tiled-floor owners, cleaning tiles everyday isn't possible due to s busy schedule and a serious lack of time. If you're one of these people, worry not, there are enough ways to save your tiles from an invasion of dirt and grime.
We're giving you a list of great products that you can buy at your nearest store, and which will do away with those stains in no time. Additionally, we also have some ideas to make homemade ceramic tile cleaners. Read on!
What Should You Look For in a Good Cleaner?
Do I sound like a relationship-advice website? My apologizes. But really, you need to know what a good cleaner should consist of before you invest in one for your ceramic tiles. Your cleaner has to be gentle on your floor (no harsh chemical stains on the flooring, thanks!) and not leave a disgusting odor in the air after you've used it. Plus, it has to be safe to use around pets and children. Once you're assured that the cleaner is going to fulfill all these conditions, you can invest in one without any worry. Your ideal ceramic tile cleaner could be homemade, or store-bought.
Best Professional Ceramic Tile Cleaners
Available in different fragrances and types, Pine-Sol manufactures multi-surface cleaners which work wonderfully on your ceramic tiles. Pine-Sol cleaners are safe to use if you have children or pets in the house, and are gentle on your tiles as well.
Website: Pine-Sol
Eco Orange
Eco Orange cleaners are multipurpose, safe for using in a household with children or pets, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. Though this cleaner brand is slightly more expensive than the others, it can be used to safely clean tiles, laundry, carpets, glass, etc.
Website: Eco Orange
Lysol cleaners are safe, easy to use, and act as great disinfectants on your floor while being gentle on the tiles. They are completely safe for using in a household with children and pets. Lysol cleaners are available in different scents and types, choose the one which you think you'd like the most.
Website: Lysol
Lustro Italiano
Lustro Italiano offers a professional stain remover that works wonders on not only ceramic tiles, but also on granite, marble, and porcelain surfaces. It is biodegradable and non toxic, and easy, as well as safe to use. It can also be used easily on large stone surfaces, such as pavements, for a quick clean-up.
Mr. Clean
The names sort of gives it away, doesn't it? Mr. Clean offers you multi-surface cleaners of different scents, which not only get rid of the dirt and grime, but also disinfectant your floors and leave a fresh, lingering smell.
Website: Mr. Clean
Would you rather use a homemade tile cleaner than buy one? If yes, then we do have a few ideas for you. You'll find that the ingredients needed to make homemade tile cleaners are easily accessible, and inexpensive, too.
Homemade Ceramic Tile Cleaners
Vinegar and Water
Easy to make, hard on the grime, and gentle on tiles―good old vinegar has come to the rescue. For your ceramic tiles, mix half a cup of white vinegar with about a gallon of warm (not hot) water in a bucket, and mop the floor with the mixture. You can wipe off the damp surface with a soft dry cloth afterward. This homemade cleaner will disinfect your floors, as well as give them a shine. If you don't like the smell of vinegar, try using flavored vinegar, or even plain rubbing alcohol instead.
Soap and Water
Mix a tablespoonful of liquid dish soap with a gallon of warm water in a bucket, and mix well. Using a very mild liquid dish soap is highly recommended. In case you leave on some soapy residue after mopping, be sure to clean it up with plain water.
Diluted Bleach
Diluted bleach is a good ceramic tile cleaner in case of stains that are extremely hard to get rid of. Mix about two cups of bleach in about a gallon of water, and let the mixture stay for a few minutes. After 15 minutes or so, wipe/scrub the diluted bleach on the desired area till the stain is gone. Once you're done, rinse the bleached floor with warm water, and let dry.
Now that you know what cleaners work best on ceramic tiles, use your chosen one regularly to maintain your floor's shine. The actual trick to clean, shiny, attractive ceramic tiled floors is regular cleaning, and that's it! Ceramic tiles are very easy to take care of if done regularly. Here are a few tips to maintain your floors.
  • Mopping with warm water everyday/once in two days keeps your ceramic tiles clean and shiny. If you feel this isn't a clean-enough method, try adding a little soap or detergent to the warm water. Alternatively, you can mop with professional tile cleaners. The point is to do it regularly so that there is no chance for dirt to set.
  • In case of a pet accident or a spillage, it would be wise to clean that mess immediately to avoid it from becoming a difficult stain. In this case, don't stick to plain warm water, using a water-cleaner mixture would be a better idea. It will definitely get rid of the stain and also disinfect the area.
  • Don't ever use a scouring powder or steel wool to clean your ceramic tiles, as they will scratch the surface of the tiles.
  • Vacuuming and sweeping the floors regularly also help in cleaning tiles to an extent. While this method doesn't completely do away with set dust or grime, it will definitely get rid of the dirt that hasn't set on the floor yet.
  • If you have ceramic tiles in your bathroom, you may find that soap is to blame for the stains and residue that's stuck on your floor. You can use professional tile cleaners for getting rid of them, or you can mix some vinegar, baking soda, and warm water to make your own homemade bathroom tile cleaner.
  • Always, always use gloves while cleaning, especially when using homemade cleaners like bleach or alcohol to avoid damaging your skin.
  • Have doormats placed at your main door, back door, as well as the bathroom door to avoid wet footprints anywhere which are a big cause of grime and dirt on the floor.
Now that you have quite a number of cleaning options, have you decided which one you're going to pick? Happy cleaning, and we hope your floors keep shining like new always!
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