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Best Way to Clean Windows

Best Way to Clean Windows

There are a few nitty-gritty locations in the house that we tend to neglect, rather ignore. These are indeed things that get us those brownie points when we have guests to entertain. What are they? Sparkling windows, to say the least!
Azmin Taraporewala
We all crave for those few golden words when we expect a visitor. However, we dread his arrival, if we are unsure about our reception styles and techniques. Unfortunately, we consider superior etiquette and subliminal behavior to be the pinnacle of creating an amicable aura; this, indeed, is not the case. An important element that we tend to miss out, by force or by choice, is that of cleanliness. You may have cut glass crockery to flaunt and penchant platters to serve, but that does not count when the basic constituents of the house are not well-maintained. Window maintenance is one such rudimentary section of the house that ... well, goes out of the window! Windows are silent reflectors of your cleaning schedule. Allow them to ruminate sparkling surroundings rather than dusty imperfections.

Cleaning Windows like a Pro

Window cleaning is supposed to be a task that needs great perseverance to be accomplished. On a serious note, cleaning windows is not that tough a job that will get you soaked in sweat. All you need to know is the technique of how to clean windows. The 'supposed' best way is to purchase a window cleaning solution, spray it on the window surface and wipe it with paper towels. This is quick, I agree, but mind you, it leaves behind paper stains that are ugly to behold. It is not a very effective option indeed. You could resort to some cost-effective methods and solutions to clean your windows. When you will have your windows sparkling and emitting pride, a few beads of perspiration on your forehead would be worth the effort. Read this section on the best ways to clean windows, by scrolling further.
  • Wash the windows with a solution that is purely homespun. You could concoct a solution that has two major ingredients involved to make the window surface scum-free. Ammonia and vinegar are the substances, when added to the solution make it all the more viable and useful. Ammonia plays an important role in tackling the grim and scum that is stuck and accumulated on the surface. Vinegar gets your glass to glaze, having a streak-free surface to deliver as the final product.
  • A concoction could be created with ingredients such as ammonia, rubbing alcohol, a tablespoon of detergent and vinegar. These ingredients should be mixed in warm water and must be applied to the window surfaces. This, by far is considered to be the best way to clean windows, with vinegar being the king component in the concoction. Your window cleaning recipe will bear sparkling fruits, indeed! Wipe off the solution from the surfaces when the solution appears to dry.
  • A window cleaning tip for you is to use the cleaning solution and apply it on the windows by dipping the sponge into the bucket containing the solution. Another method is to fill the solution in a spray bottle and spray it directly onto the surface.
  • The ways to clean windows are not confined to acknowledging the role the solution plays in cleaning windows, it extends its arms towards the tools and mechanisms that are involved in helping the windows to get a cleaner, more sophisticated appearance. The tools and the solution work hand-in-hand to make windows appear the way they ought to look.
  • There is a belief that many people adhere to and that is, the method of spraying the solution onto the window surface directly, followed by wiping the surface dry with the help of a newspaper.
  • Some people recommend the use of old and tattered T-shirts and paper towels to wipe the surface dry. Unfortunately using paper towels inflicts the surface with streaks and scums to add to the misery of the window state.
  • Nevertheless, majority are of the view that using a sponge helps clean the windows with ease. Dipping a sponge into the window solution and applying it with regular hand motions with vertical or horizontal strokes on the window sides is indeed the correct manner. Wiping the surface dry with a soft, muslin cloth makes the window glass streak-free.
  • You could lighten the scratches on the glass surface by polishing it with the help of a brush and toothpaste.
  • Wash your windows preferably on a cloudy day or during the evenings when there is no direct sunlight hitting your window surfaces. Following this tip would ensure that you have a good amount of time on hand to wipe your windows dry. Direct sunlight will dry the solution applied, leaving behind streaks. Hence, the weather needs to be considered before you embark on your activity.
  • Remember to clean the windows with a dry cloth to get rid of dust and cobwebs stuck on the window surfaces before beginning the process. This will ensure you get window panes and surfaces devoid of patches and blotches.
So, the next time when you have guests coming over, you don't have to worry about the impression your windows create. Just ensure that your windows don't blind your guests with their luminosity!
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