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Demitasse Spoons

Demitasse Spoons: The Unique Cutlery That You Wish to Have

Demitasse spoons are miniature in size and are smaller than teaspoons. They are traditionally used with coffee cups. The following section gives more information about these spoons.
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Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
Demitasse is a French word that means 'half cup', wherein 'demi' is half and 'tasse' is cup. Demitasse is used to serve strong black coffee without milk and sugar (espresso). Espresso is usually served in small-sized cups as it is acidic, and consuming it in large quantities or in big cups is not good for health, and hence, espresso drinkers are usually familiar with the 'demitasse' or small-sized cups.

Thus, demitasse spoons are small spoons, or technically speaking, a part of the cup and saucer arrangement. As the bitter taste of espresso does not necessarily suit everyone's palette, coffee shops offer sugar along with it. These spoons are provided for stirring the sugar into the espresso.

Uses of These Spoons

The main purpose of these spoons is to stir sugar, cream, or milk into any hot beverages or drinks like espressos, teas, and other varieties of coffee such as cappuccino. Besides stirring, they are also used as dessert spoons for ice creams, gelatos, custards, and other desserts. They are also a popular souvenir that many people like to collect. They are unique pieces of cutlery, with many different designs, patterns, and engravings on them. The antique demitasse spoons are a collector's item.

Types of These Spoons

Typically, these spoons are made of metals like stainless steel and highly polished gold and silver. Although sterling silver spoons are a popular choice for their appearance, plastic spoons are also good for practical purposes and are widely used. Except for the design on the handle, the bowl size and the size and shape of these spoons is more or less the same, normally measuring 3 to 4 inches, and sometimes even a little more than that. The handles come in a variety of designs and patterns.

Demitasse spoons are available in the market in single pieces and also come with a set of tea cups, or as a part of a flatware collection. These are a great attraction to those who are on a look out for some authentic home decor items and for those who love collecting souvenirs. As they come in a variety of types, the plain ones can be used regularly or daily, while the rare editions such as the vintage ones with intricate designs can be used on special occasions.
demitasse spoons
Ice cream with demitasse spoon
Espresso with demitasse spoon
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