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12 Essential Dusting Tools You Should Have in Your Home

12 Dusting Tools You Should Have in Your Home
For those who can hear alarm bells ringing every time they see traces of dust, the need to keep the house grime-free takes priority on their weekly things-to-do list. Here are some must-have dusting tools to stock your home with.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
If you're allergic to dust, pollen, and dander, you must install an air purifier and humidifier in your home, and use a dust mask while cleaning.
A house is not a home until every nook and cranny has been cleaned and everything is placed in order. Our homes are where we spend the best hours of our lives, and we would like nothing better than to have them spick and span when we enter. Unfortunately, the cleaning does not take care of itself, and a good amount of effort and persistence needs to be put into keeping the house in order. With all the specialized dusting tools in the market, you will have to narrow down on the ones that meet the needs of your home and are convenient for you to use. This HomeQuicks article lists some must-have dusting tools for your home.
Microfiber and Electrostatic Cloths
cleaning wipes
Microfiber cloths are able to hold a lot of dust without allowing it to be suspended midair. Thus, you won't find any traces of fiber or dust settling on the surface that was cleaned only moments ago. This cloth does not scratch wooden or glass surfaces, and it is very convenient to wash and reuse. You may also opt for electrostatic dusting cloths that are far more effective in trapping dust.
Microfiber Dusting Mitts
dusting mitts
Made of microfibers as well, these dusting mitts are a convenient alternative for those who do not want to get their hands messy while dusting. Sold in stringy as well as plain cloth alternatives, you may go in for dusting gloves that work best for you. These gloves are washable and very easy to wear and use.
Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
handheld vacuum cleaner
If you find the vacuum cleaner indispensable, using a small handheld vacuum cleaner will make dusting a lot more convenient for you. With this tool, you will be able to reach inaccessible areas of your house, such as in-between cushions and furniture, shelves, books, etc. Secondly, using a cordless vacuum cleaner would make the task doubly easier and so much quicker. Cleaning a handheld vacuum cleaner is very simple once you read the instruction manual carefully.
Handheld Duster
handheld duster
Another simple and effective design to help keep the hands clean, handheld dusters are extremely easy to use and effective as mitts. The handle on these dusters helps clean surfaces without getting too close to the dust. Go in for the types that let you detach the microfiber cloth so that it can be washed or replaced when needed.
Lint Roller
lint roller
Not exactly a dusting tool, a lint roller can be used for removing dust from fabric lampshades, curtains, cushions, and carpets. This little wonder tool can also be used for removing pet hair from furniture, etc. Go in for the reusable variety that can be cleaned with warm water and soap.
Feather Duster
feather duster
Been around since 1874, feather dusters are still preferred by many. This dusting tool is effective for dusting cramped areas, such as book shelves, without actually having to move the items. The only drawback of using such dusters is that the feathers may get damaged or break, and cannot be replaced. Secondly, it's never going to be the first choice for animal lovers and activists. Thirdly, anything to do with feather is a bad idea for allergy sufferers. You can also opt for lambswool dusters that are excellent for dusting and very easy to use while cleaning.
Synthetic Duster
synthetic duster
Synthetic dusters have been around for decades and are great for reaching small areas of the house that are in desperate need of cleaning. These handy dusting tools are easy to use and can be cleaned in running water. Secondly, it is more user-friendly for allergy sufferers.
Hand Pump Dust Blower
dust blower
For those who find it irksome to clean the dust from their electronic gadgets, the hand pump blower is the perfect solution. With its powerful blast of air, this tiny pump tool is capable of blowing dust away from the keyboard, sensors, camera lenses, cell phone, or other delicate equipment. This is indeed a handy dusting tool to keep in the house, as you may never know when your equipment may need cleaning.
Gas Duster
gas duster
Gas dusters contain liquid chemicals that rapidly turn to gas on being pressed at the nozzle. These chemicals are used as cleaning agents to remove grime from sensitive electronic equipment that are prone to damage caused by moisture and water. Unlike popular misconceptions, this dusting tool does not contain compressed air and should never be inhaled directly.
Brush and Dustpan
brush and dustpan
Always an essential and indispensable item, the good ol' brush and dustpan will always come to your rescue. A dustpan is crucial for ensuring that all the dust from the house is collected and duly disposed. Having at least one dusting brush in the house is essential because sometimes nothing can clean a dirty surface better than a brush. Make sure you keep this brush covered after use, to prevent hair and fiber from getting stuck in its bristles.
Mop with Squeegee
mop with squeegee
Also known as a sweeper, a simple mop with a squeegee/wiper can be used for sweeping the dust off the floor. You can use such a mop without having to use water. This way, when you do get the time to mop the swept floor with water, you'll notice that it is less dirtier than usual. Similarly, you can clean the fan and sides of the ceiling with this dusting tool.
Ceiling Duster Brush
ceiling duster brush
A must-have for every home, a ceiling duster is the only tool that will allow you to clean the cobwebs and dust from the sides of the ceiling. Go in for a duster that can be extended or retracted. There are bendable dusters that are meant for cleaning the blades of the fan and can be a wise addition to your home.
Feather Duster
Red Feather Duster
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