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9 Super-effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards

9 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards
Imagine being wakened by a rumbling sound of your hungry stomach. You gingerly slip out of your room to avoid attention and sharing. And just when you opened your cabinet, you were welcomed by a creepy friend - lizard. Eww, your hunger is instantly killed at the repulsive sight. In order to avoid such mishaps in the future know some effective home remedies to get rid of lizards.
Sai Kardile
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Ultra sonic insect repellents produce an ultra-sonic sound that is not audible to humans but only insects, and peeves them off. Employ it to expel these unwanted guests from your house.
No matter how you slice it lizards are unfailingly repugnant. Some may try to defend them by saying that they are your cost-free insect repellents, but you would rather spend an entire evening doing ninja maneuver with killer rackets than yell at highest possible soprano every time the creep breaks into an appearance.

You may want to tell it a joke and expect it to clap and fall off the wall and so that you can quickly sweep it off from your house and life forever; but it just doesn't happen that way! So what do you do then? You just follow some simple and effective home remedies and it won't be long before you say 'Good Riddance'. Refer to the following and know how to get rid of lizards-
Show them some egg shells
Egg shells
Proved and potent remedy to purge your house from nauseating nuisances is egg shells. You will wonder how this would work, but it is very simple and logical too. First is the pungent smell of the egg that will induce nausea in lizards, let it know what it means as ever since it has been sashing on your walls, you haven't spent a day without having that queasy feeling. And secondly, it will be misled into thinking that there's something else that is trying to creep its two-legged friends out, with a bigger egg, which in turn will creep the lizard out and it will do the ol' 23 skidoo.
Naphthalene Balls
Naphthalene balls
Lizards don't deem naphthalene balls to be sweet smelling candies and in fact are quite put off by its strong odor. Just as you abhor the lizard's sight, the lizard abhors the naphthalene smell. Not just that, naphthalene balls are naturally insect repellent, so you are basically killing two birds or in this case let's say, lizards with a few naphthalene balls. Put naphthalene balls in all possible stomping ground of lizards - recesses, crevices, nooks, corners, etc. and they will leave lock, stock, and barrel from your house.
Peacock feathers
Peacock feathers
Lizards don't dig beauty, or why else do you think would anyone be afraid to see a peacock feather? Never mind. But this fear so really works for you! Birds scare the bejesus out of lizards. So, when they spot a peacock feather, they are quick to assume that there is a bird around ready to snack on them. Peacock feathers is one of the most simplest and innocuous ways of driving away your undesirable guests out of your house.
Splash some cold water
Cold water
You may have thought that only cartoons and aliens can be actually frozen but they aren't the only beings who get frost up, yes you can hazard a guess - and you are right - lizards! Despite being 'cold-blooded', lizards don't take well to chilling temperature. When you see a lizard roaming about, just splash some ice-cold water on it and it will be rendered motionless. The scientific reason behind this is - lizards become torporous (mentally alert, physically dull), when subjected to intense cold, unlike humans who become dull both physically and mentally. While you may think of this remedy a bit harsh, but it is very potent. And besides, we aren't telling you to empty an entire bucket of water on it, but just enough for the lizard to stop wall-walking. After it becomes immobilized, you can put it in a box and gift-wrap it, not really. Just cast it off in a place where you can be sure that the lizard won't get any lift to come back home.
Flypaper stick
Flypaper isn't just an efficacious tool for trapping flies but also lizards. All that you need to do is to place the flypaper in areas where your lizard-y friend is likely to stroll walk (wall-hangings, wall clock, tube lights, corners, etc). The moment the lizard catwalks on to the flypaper, it will be pasted on it. It's then easy to dispose your trouble-y mate somewhere far away from your haven.
Pet a cat
Cat on cushion
Cats like to nosh on lizards. Petting a cat will be the most effective tool to purge your house of lizards. Even if the cat is not in the mood to eat, it will still actively pursue it and the lizard will not like it, and it will run for its life.
Keep your abode clean
It's very simple. If a lizard is finding good tidbit in your house, he will naturally want to stick around. Follow the sagacious mantra - "cleanliness is next to godliness" - don't let dirt and dust pile up, sweep your floor, don't prolong doing dishes, and keep the plants and bushes of your garden well lopped. This will keep bug population at bay which in turn will keep lizards away from your house.
Lizards have a certain aversion to garlic and onion odor. So, if they are showing no signs of leaving your house, hang some pieces of garlic and onion in their hangout areas, and they will abandon your house with their noses covered. They are also known to make their way from cracks underneath your walls and windows. Make sure you seal those little cracks and recesses using seals and caulks. It's time you showed the lizard who is the real boss of the house!