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Frosted Glass Care and Maintenance

Frosted Glass Care and Maintenance
Do you have frosted glass doors, windows, or tabletops, in your home? Learn how to clean frosted glass, by following a few steps. Keep reading to find the instructions...
Sheetal Mandora
Nowadays, you will see that not only in restaurants and offices, frosted glass can be seen in residential homes as well. They help transform the room instantly, whether you're using them in doors, windows, or anywhere around the house. Sure normal glass looks good and inviting because it is transparent. However, with frosted glass, the ambiance of any room can alter drastically.
Frosted glass comes in various textures, designs, and density in translucency. These multifaceted qualities makes frosted glass a very popular choice while decorating houses, offices, and restaurants. They work wonderfully with different types of d├ęcor and themes, and require very little care and maintenance. And that is the topic of our article today. We will be going over the steps on how to clean frosted glass properly. So pay close attention if you have frosted glass doors, windows, or panels, that require cleaning.
Best Way to Clean Frosted Glass
Now granted that frosted glass can be expensive, the good news is that it doesn't really require special care or maintenance. Depending on where the glass is installed, regular cleaning and wiping will suffice. Many a time, when frosted glass is used in doors or as room dividers, you might have to watch out for fingerprints. Also, certain textures in frosted glass can also trap dirt in its design. Which is why, you will be required to clean it often. Below are the steps to clean frosted glass thoroughly.
Step #1 - Gather the material needed for cleaning the glass - rubber gloves, ammonia-based glass cleaner, old newspaper, wet-and-dry emery paper, window cleaner, lint-free cloth, and abrasive sponge. Wear your gloves and spray the ammonia-based glass cleaner on a small section of the frosted glass.
Step #2 - We will be cleaning the glass in sections. Use the old newspaper to rub over the glass. I would've asked you to use a clean cloth, but newspaper can clean glass more effectively. Work in circular motion and clean the entire frosted glass, section by section.
Step #3 - Next, we will use the abrasive sponge. It is used only when the frosted glass is extremely dirty or has some stubborn stains. Apply slight pressure while scrubbing the stains and grime off the texture. However, if there is a wooden frame or paint next to the frosted glass, be careful so as to not accidentally scrub on it.
Step #4 - After the abrasive sponge, we will use the wet-and-dry emery paper. This paper is used to remove any metal marks or dings that may be on the frosted glass. But it's a bit tricky to use this paper. What you need to be aware of is which wet-and-dry emery paper to use. As frosted glass comes in a variety of roughness, the same is for the emery paper. So choose the wet-and-dry emery paper that is almost the same roughness as the glass. If you either a softer or more rough paper, you might scratch the glass instead of cleaning it.
Step #5 - Use your fingertips to feel the roughness of the frosted glass and the wet-and-dry emery glass. When you do find the right paper, use the soaked paper to scrub the metal marks and dings off the frosted glass. Similar to the abrasive sponge, use the paper in a circular motion so all the spots and stains can be removed properly.
Step #6 - In the end, use any window cleaner to clean the frosted glass one last time with newspaper. Wipe and polish the glass with the lint-free cloth properly.
Whether you are cleaning frosted glass doors, bathroom or living room windows, or any other furniture that has frosted glass, follow the steps mentioned above. Once you are finished cleaning and polishing the glass, let it air-dry completely. With a regular cleaning schedule, the frosted glass will remain streak-free and stain-free.
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