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Glass Top Stoves

Glass Top Stoves: The New Era Design for a Sophisticated Kitchen

Glass top stoves are becoming popular nowadays, especially in the interior decoration industry. These are as durable and convenient to use as any other stoves. The following section gives more information about these appliances and their advantages.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Glass top stoves are extremely convenient and safe to use. The glass on these stoves is designed to cool down very fast after usage, which prevents a lot of mishaps. The settings on these stoves help you to adjust the cooking surface according to the size of the cookware. Another benefit of these stoves is that they save time by cooking food faster, thus also saving money on cooking fuel. The surface takes much lesser time to get heated as compared to other kinds of stove tops. Also, their maintenance and cleaning is extremely easy.
Best Cookware for these Stoves
To buy the most suitable cookware, consult the user manual that comes along with the stove. It will specify the size, material, finish, and weight of the appropriate cookware for the stove, to prevent any kind of damage to the glass surface.
  • Buy pans that are small in size. As these stoves have a flat surface, the edges of wide pans might not heat properly, resulting in uneven cooking.
  • Go for flat bottom and heavy cookware as it will sit securely on the stove, and this will also produce even cooking.
  • Buy utensils without painted bottoms. As these stoves reach higher temperatures compared to others, the paint can sometimes fuse with the glass surface, causing irreparable damage.
  • Enameled cast iron cookware is the most suitable choice for these stoves.
How to Clean Them
Cleaning these stoves is very easy as you do not have to disassemble the parts like standard ones. When you want to clean the surface, wait for the indicator light on the stove to go off. All glass stoves have this light, which indicates that the surface is still too hot to be touched. Once the light goes off, take a soapy water mixture or a non abrasive cleaner like a sponge, and wipe the entire surface with it.
In case there is a stubborn spill, let it soak in hot water for sometime and then follow the same procedure as above. If the stain persists, buy a scraper which is especially designed for a glass stove and remove the spill with it. Baking soda, vinegar, and water mixture, prepared in equal quantities, is a good homemade recipe to clean such spills.
Glass top stoves are safe, convenient to use, and easy to maintain. Thus, using these is a good option.