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How to Make a Homemade Water filter

How to Make a Homemade Water filter
The following article provides information regarding the procedure to make water filters at home.
Amruta Deshpande
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Water purifiers are a must these days, as the tap water is not guaranteed to be safe for drinking. Industrial contamination, pollution, and inappropriate storage are the main reasons for making water filters so common in homes. They are designed in a way to remove all the unwanted particles from the water, thus making it safe for drinking.
There are several types of water filters that work by different methods. Some work by means of certain chemical or biological processes, while others use physical barriers to eliminate impurities. However, clean and better tasting water does come with a heavy price. The commercial water filters are expensive, and hence, cannot be afforded by everyone. The other alternative to this is bottled water, which also is quite expensive. Those who feel that the cost of commercial water purifiers is heavy on the pockets, can opt for homemade water filters for safe and better tasting water.
How to Make a Water Filter at Home
They have several advantages over the commercial water filters. They are simple to make and easy to maintain. They can be made by using simple household items. However, you can also use prefabricated parts sold by the distributors. There are different types of water filters you can choose from. The best part is that they work just as the commercial ones, and guarantee safe and tasty water.
Homemade Water filter
The most important part is the selection of housing configuration. You can choose from single, double, or triple filtration systems. Select the type of filter, such as granulated activated charcoal, silver sterasyl ceramic, carbon block, etc. Each one has its own pros and cons; however, granulated activated charcoal is the most common and least expensive of all. Once you get the desired filtration systems and the housing configuration, carefully slip the filter cylinder in the latter. Secure the housing on the counter-top, or whichever place you have selected for the assembly. Hook the water lines of the system to the plumbing.
Another type of such purifier is the portable one, using common household items. The materials required for the same are readily available and inexpensive.
Things Required:
You will need a 2 liter plastic water bottle, along with the lid. This will serve as the housing for the filtration system. You can use a plastic straw as the spout. Cotton batting, fine and large gravel, fine and large grain sand, coffee filter, and activated charcoal granules can be used for the filtration system.
Cut off the bottle's bottom, invert the remaining part, and place the cotton batting in it. This will form the lining of the filtration system. Place a layer of activated charcoal, followed by a layer of fine grain sand, large grain sand, fine and large gravel, respectively. Repeat the layers in the same order, till you reach the bottle's top. Now, top the system with the coffee filter. Fix a straw in the lid of the bottle through a hole, in such a way that it sits halfway through the opening. This part of the housing will sit on a jar or mug, that will collect the filtered water. Place it in such a manner that the straw end of the housing is inside the jar. Pour water through the coffee filter. It will work through the various layers of the filtration system, leaving all the impurities behind, which get accumulated in these layers, and pure water flows through the straw spout into the jar.
The coffee filter and the charcoal granules need to be replaced periodically. You can create different filter designs using your imagination and creativity.