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Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Care for Bamboo Fabric

How to Care for Bamboo Fabric
Nowadays, bamboo fabrics have become very popular due to their comfort, looks, and eco-friendly nature. In this HomeQuicks article, we will learn how to maintain this fabric's looks, texture, and increase its life considerably.
Anuj Mudaliar
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Did You Know?
Collectively China, India, and Burma have over 20,000,000 hectares of bamboo fields, which provides a source of livelihood to over 2 billion people. A large part of this goes into creating bamboo fabrics and has become a very important part of these countries' economies.

Bamboo plants grow very quickly, and do not require as much care or resources. Bamboo fabrics are soft, light, and silky to touch, and can be stitched specifically for cold or warm climates, making them very comfortable. Other factors that impacts its comfort is its great ability to quickly absorb and dry off perspiration.
It is also known to resist buildup of bacteria, provide protection from UV sunlight, and it does not cause allergies. Although one would think that bamboo cloth would exclusively be green in color, it is actually available in a wide range of shades such as ivory, taupe, jade, black, apricot, etc. One can also find bamboo mixed with many other materials such as rayon, cotton, and Lycra. These materials are quite delicate and require more care than their cotton counterparts, but with the right measures, we will be able to maintain these items for many years.
Bamboo Clothing Care Instructions
How to Wash Bamboo Sheets
  • One can wash bamboo fabric by hand or in a washing machine, but it is absolutely important to use only cold water, never warm or hot water during this process (maximum recommended temperature: 60°C).
  • Wash bamboo clothes after turning them inside out, for best results.
  • Use a minimal amount of soap, and wash gently along with other clothes of similar colors, in short cycles.
  • It is important to rinse the clothes well to get rid of all the soap.
  • Never use softener or bleach on these clothes as they significantly reduce its life.

  • One should be very careful while handling wet bamboo fabrics, as they are much more delicate in this state.
  • Drying bamboo clothes should also be done after turning them inside out.
  • If the fabric is of a light weight variety, you can dry them on a clothesline. However, heavier clothes have to dried on a flat surface, as hanging them on clotheslines, can cause the fabric to stretch.
  • The cloth should never be dried in direct, strong sunlight, as this can cause permanent damage.
  • Bamboo fabric should never be dried in a machine dryer, as this causes it to shrink and lose shape rapidly.
  • Set the clothes with hangers immediately after drying to prevent wrinkles from setting in.

Removing Stains
  • Dry cleaning bamboo fabrics should be avoided as far as possible.
  • One can remove stains from bamboo sheets fairly easily, as long as you wash it off immediately, and not let it set. Small amounts of vinegar and baking soda can help get rid of stubborn stains.
  • Another way is to soak out the staining liquid with a paper tissue, followed by wiping the area with a wet tissue. If you still cannot get rid of the stain, use a bleach-free stain remover, and wash under running water.

  • Ironing bamboo clothes is also best done after turning them inside out.
  • Bamboo fabrics should never be ironed at a high heat. In fact, anything higher than a synthetics setting is hazardous for such fabric.
  • Low heat settings are the best, and using steam is an absolute no-no, as it causes ring-shaped stains to form on the fabric, which can be very difficult to wash off.
  • Try to avoid ironing if possible, because most of these fabrics lose their creases just by wearing them, due to body heat.
It is important to note the washing and care instructions mentioned on the cloth if it is not 100% bamboo. The above tips will help you to care for bamboo fiber clothes, that will last for many years to come without losing any of its color and aesthetic appeal.
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