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These Easy Instructions on How to Clean Sneakers Work Like Magic

How to Clean Sneakers
Cleaning sneakers is not as Herculean a task as you might have thought it to be. You can't just toss them into the washer and expect to wear them on drying. Shoes need to be hand washed to not just clean out tough spots, but also to retain their shape.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Did You Know?
There are many products in the market to clean leather shoes. Leather cleaners, which are used for cleaning jackets and/or car seats, can also be used to clean leather sneakers.
Whether you are out playing sports or running errands, you can trust your pair of comfortable hassle-free sneakers to carry you through the day. Today, the fabric, style, array of colors, available in sneakers have transformed them into a wardrobe essential. Their variety and uniqueness make each type a one-of-a-kind and a must have.
But the USP of sneakers can sometimes work against them. Our preference to wear them often puts them through a lot of wear and tear leading to various kinds of stains. With a little effort, these stains can be washed clean, and you can just as easily revive your dirty or soiled shoes looking just like new.
Instructions on How to Clean Your Sneakers
Shoe Exterior
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Take a mixing bowl and fill it partially with warm water. Pour a few drops of laundry detergent or dish washing soap into the mixing bowl.

Dip an old toothbrush in the soapy mixture and scrub the shoe with it.

For tough spots, simply dip the brush in some dry laundry detergent or dish washing soap and scrub the spots in a circular motion.

Wipe the shoe clean with a damp cloth. Remove any soapy residue from the shoe. Also, avoid using excessive water on the leather areas of the shoe.
Remove any dry debris carefully with a screwdriver. Soak the shoe sole in some cold water. Using a toothbrush, gently scrub off rest of the dirt.
Midsole and Toe box
Use a magic clean eraser soaked in some water. Apply light pressure as you clean the midsole. Using a toothbrush, here, will be of little to no help as the dust and grim will remain there because of the texture of the midsole.

You can also wrap a soft wet towel around your finger and dip it in dry detergent. Now, rub the midsole with your finger in a circular motion. The delicate soap granules will gently scrub away any old stains. Once done, wipe the midsole clean with a damp cloth. Do not allow the soap to dry out on the shoe as this will make it more difficult for you to clean later.

Pay extra attention to the toe box and prevent any water build up. You could always use a magic eraser or use the above process. Also, place a few paper towels inside the shoe to prevent any water from entering inside.
Dust some baking soda inside the shoe to get rid of any odor. Shake out any excess baking soda once the shoe is dry.
The laces need some tender loving care too. Why buy new when you can simply clean the old ones? Place the laces in a pillow case and toss it into the washing machine. Simply remember to use cold water to wash this load of laundry.
Soak the tongue in cold water and gently squeeze out the excess water. To prevent any water from entering the shoe, place a towel underneath it. Very gently scrub the tongue with some dish washing soap. With a circular motion, scrub away any old or tough spots. It is preferred that you use your fingers and a towel rather than a toothbrush to prevent any damage to the material. Clean both sides of the tongue in the same way. Carefully wash off the tongue of the shoe to remove all the soap suds.
Dry Method
Gently press or squeeze out any water from the tongue to prevent any water from staying in and damaging the tongue.

Place the shoes in front of an electric fan and allow them to air-dry. Don't use a hair dryer as it might affect the glue that holds the shoe and sole together.
Instructions on How to Clean Suede Sneakers
Cleaning Suede Sneakers
Use a cleaning block or a suede eraser to clean heavy stains on suede shoes. If your suede shoes are dirty and stained in multiple places, you will need a suede brush to clean the delicate shoe exterior. These brushes come with a rubber brush and edge on one side and a heavy bristle brush on the other. To clean all the dust and grime off the shoe, you need to use the brush in one direction only.
Water Stains on Suede Sneakers
Ironically, water stains can only be tackled with water. All you've got to do is stuff the shoe with paper bags or roles in order to retain their shape and then spray the shoe with water and then gently blot away any moisture and allow the shoes to dry completely. Apply a suede cleaner and protector on the shoes once they are dry.
Fresh Stains on Suede Sneakers
If the stains are fresh, blot out the excess stains with a paper towel. But remember to be very gentle, and avoid pressing the stain into the fabric of the suede shoes. If you are working with dry stains, dampen an old rag and gently rub off the stain. Allow it to dry and then use the suede brush and eraser.

If your shoes came with instructions, it is advised that you follow those and use suede cleaners that Nike recommend to avoid damaging the material.
Remember, do not soak your shoes unnecessarily. Wet them enough to get rid of the dirt and spots. Use a damp cloth to wipe off all the soap suds. Before you begin cleaning your shoes, stuff them with old newspapers or towels to prevent the shoe from getting soaked. Do not toss your shoes into the washing machine, doing so may damage the shoe fabric and/or ruin their shape for good.
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