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How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags need be maintained every once in a while, so as to prevent dirt and spots from accumulating. The type of fabric or upholstery used for the bean bag chair, may determine how it should be cleaned and maintained.
HomeQuicks Staff
Bean bags look really nice when they are made to match a laid back and chilled out home decor. These bags are available in a variety of fabrics, which require different treatment in order to be cleaned. They must ideally be cleaned once in 4 - 6 months, because regular use can cause sweat and grime to leave dark spots on the upholstery. Secondly, stains can form, because of spilling, which need to be tended to immediately. The safest option would be to clean the area as soon as you notice a dirt spot. This article discusses how to clean a bean bag chair, according to its type of upholstery.

Ways to Clean Various Bean Bag Chair Upholstery

Cotton Bean Bags
Cotton bean bag covers are the easiest to clean because the fabric can withstand being washed in a washing machine. This category would also include rather sturdier fabrics such as denim and twill. If the dirt is restricted to a few spots, you can rub it clean, using a soft brush and some liquid detergent. Washing the area with warm water and drying it in the sunlight will help remove the stains. If in case the entire bag cover needs a thorough wash, simply wash it in warm water in the machine, while the settings are on gentle wash.

Nylon Bean Bags
Most Nylon as well as other bean bag chair covers will always come with a zipper. This zipper is meant for removing the cover and washing the fabric. Nylon must always be washed in normal water, and must never be machine washed, as this can tear the fabric, or worse, cause irreparable damage. Simply let the cover soak in detergent water for about half an hour, after which you can use a soft brush to clean the entire upholstery. The soaking will ensure that the dirt comes off easily, thus requiring very minimalistic efforts from you, for cleaning the fabric. Let the cover air dry.

Plush Bean Bags
This furry fabric is extremely adorable to look at, and equally comfortable. Nonetheless, it is also one which captures a lot of dust, grime and random particles, if not cleaned every once or twice in a week. The ideal way to keep free particles away would be to use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner, which will help keep the inner surfaces of the upholstery clean. Suppose there is an actual liquid stain on the fabric, you can try to clean the upholstery with warm water. This fabric too cannot be washed in the washing machine, as it damages the fabric and creates bald batches in the upholstery. Use a liquid detergent and a soft cloth brush while attempting to clean the fabric. Never wring the water out, instead, simply hand it out to dry on the cloth wire or hanger. This will help extend the life of the fabric.

Vinyl Bean Bags
Vinyl fabrics can never be washed in the machine and need to be cleansed through a different process. This fabric is extremely susceptible to scratch marks and dirt spots. Which is why, it would be best to use a soft cotton ball, liquid detergent, and warm water, for cleaning this fabric. Do not use any other cleanser, unless specifically meant for vinyl cleaning, because other chemicals can cause discoloration while cleaning the upholstery.

Suede Bean Bags
Suede bags will need a lot of care and attention, and the only way to clean this fabric is by using a damp cloth dipped in detergent water. You will need to gently clean the area so as to remove the spots. If the entire bag needs cleaning, you will need to soak it in warm detergent water for about an hour, so that the dirt is easier to deal with. Use a very gentle brush for cleaning the upholstery.

Leather Bean Bags
Leather bean bags do not need as much maintenance as others, because of its sturdy mature. Nonetheless, keeping the material polished will prevent it from cracking or tearing because of dehydration. Use a high quality leather polish for better longevity, and wipe the area clean using a dry fiber-free cloth. Never use water on leather, as water can damage the material and cause fungus to grow on the hide.

If possible, ask for a special bean bag cleaning lotion, from the very shop you purchased the chair from. They will be able to provide a fabric specific cleanser, which you can use for small random spots. For large-scale cleaning, the tips recommended in this article shall serve you well.