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How to Clean Black Kitchen Sinks

How to Clean Black Kitchen Sinks

Mild, dish washing liquids and white vinegar solution is commonly used to clean these beautiful sinks. To know more about cleaning black kitchen sinks, read on...
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Black kitchen sink is an exquisite piece and found in many households in United States. They are elegant and attractive and hence, people prefer to install these black kitchen sinks in their home. In facts, this fixture enhances the decor of the kitchen. Black kitchen sink reviews describe it as a durable piece, pleasing to the eye that gives a royal touch to the kitchen.

Black kitchen sinks are primarily constructed from granite and quartz and so one should not commit the mistake of using any abrasive cleaners. Making use of bleaching agents, steel wool or even scrub pads can also spoil the surface of the kitchen sink. Black kitchen sinks marred with stains of water or food particles can be frustrating. Many times, simply washing the sink with water is sufficient to eliminate the stains. However, if the stains do not respond to this method of cleaning, products specially formulated to remove stubborn stains have to be used.

Cleaning Black Kitchen Sinks

Although cleaning these plumbing fixtures is easy, using the wrong products can mar the appearance of the sink. Also, improper way of cleaning can lead to the formation of scratches. Keep in mind that there is no need to buy any expensive kitchen cleaning products to make the kitchen spotlessly clean. It is discussed below:

When the stains are not stubborn, a mild dish washing liquid is all that is required to clean black kitchen sinks. Never use harsh chemicals for cleaning purpose as they can remove the paint of the kitchen sink. If this happens the purpose of cleaning the sink gets defeated. So make sure to buy a mild dish washing detergents, when it comes to rinsing the kitchen.

Before applying any mild detergent, one should wash it with tap water. Once it is over, remove the moisture with a clean cloth. Now, put some dish washing liquid on a wet cloth and apply it on the stained portions of the sink. Rub the cloth with soft hands on the areas that are showing stains. Now, again wash the sink with water. Check whether the stains are still present on the sink. In most cases, they disappear without any hassle. One can also use warm water for cleaning cheap and under mount black kitchen sinks. However, make sure that water is not very hot as it can damage the surface of the sink.

Use of white vinegar is yet another remedy to remove stains that are resistant against mild liquid soaps. A solution that is prepared by mixing white vinegar is very effective for cleaning cheap black kitchen sinks. Take a clean cloth and soak it in this solution. Use the soaked cloth to rub the stained area. This method is often recommended to eliminate tough stains.

It is observed that stubborn water stains respond quite well to Lime-Away cleaner. However, one has to take certain precautionary measures when using this household cleaner. Direct contact with the skin has to be avoided and so one has to specifically wear rubber gloves before making use of Lime-Away. This popular cleaner is available in spray bottles for convenience. One has to simply spray the cleaner in small amounts on the desired area and then use a clean cloth soaked in water to remove Lime-Away. One doesn't have to really work hard to get rid of tough stains if one is using Lime-Away. This product certainly helps to restore the elegant appearance of black kitchen sinks.

A paste that is prepared by adding baking soda to water has also proved useful to eliminate stains from black kitchen sinks. Take this paste on a clean cloth and then rub it on the site that has developed stains. The paste can certainly help to erase the stains from the sink. One can also use mineral oil to clean black kitchen sinks. Put small amount of mineral oil on the stained area. Now, rub it using a clean cloth to remove the stains.

Removing dirt from black kitchen sinks everyday is an easy way to prevent build up of stains. Using dish washing liquid daily to cleaning these sinks is indeed the best way to keep these sinks looking new for years to come.
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