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How to Clean Safety Glasses

Know How You Can Clean Safety Glasses to Keep Them Scratch-free

Safety glasses should be cleaned with extra care in order to prevent any kind of damage to its lenses. Read this article to know how to clean safety glasses.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
Lenses and glasses isolated on white
Safety glasses are used to provide protection to the eyes from flying debris or liquid splatter. It is widely used while working in factories or home improvement projects and during sports activities like diving, swimming, skiing, etc. The lenses of safety eye glasses are mostly made of shatter resistant plastic material and even its frames are sturdier than the usual glasses. The dirt and debris that get stuck to its lenses has to be removed properly or else the lenses may get scratched. Such scratches on the glass surface will give you a foggy vision.
Safety glasses are often exposed to various hazardous materials, bacteria, etc. which may get into your eyes and cause irritation or infection in them. Therefore, cleaning of safety glasses is very important to keep your eyes in a healthy condition.
How to Clean Safety Glasses?
While cleaning safety glasses, you have to take care that no scratches or streaks appear on them. Here are two effective ways of cleaning.
Use Liquid Glass Cleaner
First of all, loosely bound dust and dirt particles from the surface of the lenses should be blown out with your breath. This is done because, if there are any large sized particles on the lenses, then they can make scratch marks on the lenses when you rub its surfaces for cleaning. Now, spray the liquid glass cleaner on the lenses and the frame of the glasses. You can get this liquid from a glass cleaning station. They also provide you with disposable cloths along with the cleaning product. Rub this cloth gently on the glasses using your thumb and forefinger. Make sure you cover up all the surfaces of the entire glass thoroughly so that no residues of the cleaner are left behind.
Use Alcohol Wipes
Alcohol wipes are widely used for cleaning eyeglasses. You can use the same for safety glasses as well. Rub the alcohol wipes in a circular motion on both sides of the lenses. Do not assume that there is no need of cleaning the inner part of the lenses as it is not directly exposed to dirt materials; this is because, dirt particles from the outer side of the lens and frame often get into the inner side as well. After you have cleaned up the lenses and the frame of the safety glasses with the alcohol wipes thoroughly, you should rub a soft lint free cloth over these areas to remove the streaks that are left behind on the glass surface.
How to Keep Safety Glasses from Fogging Up?
Even if you wear safety glasses that are thoroughly cleaned, you do not get a clear vision when the glasses are fogged up. This is a major problem that you have to face when you are using safety glasses outdoors. Exposure to moisture during sports activities and moist weather condition are two main reasons responsible for fogging up of glasses and it causes you a lot of annoyance. An effective solution to this problem is to treat the glasses with an anti-fogging solution before using it. You can purchase them from local drug stores. Sprinkle the liquid product on the lenses and then buff it with a soft piece of cloth. Do not use any paper towel or coarse cloth as it can scratch the lenses.
An anti-fogging cleaner is fairly expensive. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap option for resolving this problem, then you can try out baby shampoo. Apply the shampoo in the form of a thin coat on both sides of the lenses and keep it untouched for an hour or so. Then, buff the lenses with a soft cloth as usual.
It is advisable that you clean safety glasses after every use in order to keep them in good condition for a long time. When they are not in use, store them in a case so that dust and dirt do not get accumulated on its surfaces. While laying the glasses, just take care that you do not place it face down as scratch marks may appear on them, which are quite difficult to clean.