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Complete Steps on How to Dye a Carpet That You Can Easily Pull Off

How to Dye a Carpet
If your carpet is washed-out or stained, dyeing is a cost saving alternative in comparison to buying a new one. For dyeing a carpet, it should be cleaned and dried first, so that the carpet fibers absorb the dye effectively.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
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While it comes to dealing a faded carpet or resistant carpet stain removal, it is sometimes better to replace the carpet. But, purchasing a new one is quite expensive. A good option that will be lighter for your pocket is to dye the carpet and provide a new, fresh color. Carpet dyeing may be a better alternative to replacement, especially if the carpet fibers are in good condition. There are professional carpet dyers with whom you can hand out the task. A more challenging idea is to dye it on your own by buying the do-it-yourself kits. Dyeing a carpet on your own will cost you only a few bucks.
Analyze the Carpet Fiber
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Carpet dyeing with DIY tips can be a rewarding job. But, certain steps should be followed carefully in order to make the task successful. First, analyze the carpet fiber; those made up of nylon or woolen fiber can be dyed, while polyester or acrylic carpets cannot be dyed. Carpet fibers may react differently with different dyes. You can check the carpet fiber and ensure if it's capable of absorbing the dye. If you're not sure about the fiber type and the suitable dye, take professional's advice.
Decide on a Color
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Decide the color of the carpet dye. If your existing carpet is light colored, you can select from a wide range of colors. The trick is to choose a darker shade than the previous one. The resulting color of the carpet also depends on the previous shade. For example, if the current color is blue, dyeing with a red colored dye will give a purple color carpet and so on. You can also opt for the darker color carpet dye that complements the interior design, curtains, walls, and furniture of the room.
Clean the Carpet
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The next step for carpet dyeing is to clean the carpet, so that it absorbs the dye effectively. You can shampoo the carpet to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. Allow the carpet to dry and free of moisture before dipping in the color solution. By the meantime, you take precautions that will avoid staining in the room. As carpet dyeing involves handling of strong dyes, wear rubber hand gloves and old clothes for safety purpose. Once you are ready with everything, make the dye solution.
Prepare the Dye
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For the preparation of carpet dye, dissolve a specific amount of dye in about 150 ml of hot water to make a desired color range. Stir well so that the dye distributes evenly in the water. Add warm water as per the instructions provided by the dye manufacturer. Don't dilute the solution randomly, rather do it slowly. Shake the mixture well and pour it in a spray bottle.
In order to check the color, you can spray the dye on a small portion of the carpet. After this trial, you can add water or dye in order to dilute or concentrate the dye solution, until you get the desired color.
Spray Dye on the Carpet
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Once you achieve a satisfactory color, you can spray the dye to the carpet. Start with applying the dye in a small section of the carpet and then proceed further. You can use a stiff brush or a rotary scrubber to apply the carpet dye. If you are using a brush, make sure you apply in a circular or overlapping motion, so that the dye is spread evenly.
After dyeing, allow the carpet to dry completely. This way, you can dye a carpet with the color of your choice and make it look like a new one.
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