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How to Kill Wasps at Home

Don't Panic! We'll Tell You How to Kill Wasps at Home

Wasps are small and stingy insects and are often responsible for allergic reactions in humans. If they are irritating you and are trying to find ways to get rid of them, you have come in at the right place. Read on to find out how to kill wasps at home.
Mrunmayi Deo
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Wasps are characterized by a yellow and black body and are around 1.6 centimeters in size. They love residing in gardens, inside hollow tree barks, or in roof cavities of the house. Their nests are generally found in high wasp traffic areas and to remove them is a real task. Not all wasps are harmful though; the solitary ones are those that eat other pests and thus act as natural pesticides, but the social ones are dangerous for humans and their removal is mandatory.
  • Wasp nests at home are pretty uncommon. But if you find a single wasp nicely roaming about in your house, you can easily kill it using the right tacts.
  • When you locate a wasp at your home, cover your body with many layers of clothes and wear hand gloves first.
  • See to it that all the windows of the room and the door are closed properly.
  • You will generally locate the wasp near a lit tubelight, as these insects are attracted towards light.
  • Use a ladder if your ceiling height is more. Take help of a family member.
  • Now what you need to do is take an anti-wasp spray, like Springstar Oak Stump Farms Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap, Rapid Wasp and Hornet Killer, Bee Popper II Wasp Spray, Poison Free Wasp and Hornet Killer, etc., with a projectile nozzle. Make sure you are at least a feet away from the insect, as it might sting you.
  • The wasp will fall and die. You can throw it out later on.
How to Kill Wasps in the Attic
  • Now, it's your bad luck if the wasps have invaded your attic, but what you need to do is kill them.
  • Attic is a not-so attended place and thus the wasps can live there happily and also make a nest.
  • Getting rid of the nest is a bit difficult as compared to a single wasp, but if you take the appropriate measures, you will surely be successful.
  • You need to locate the nest first. It might be buried inside a cavity, it might be aerial, or may be on the ground. Paper wasp nests are very common.
  • As I mentioned above, you need to protect yourself completely by wearing protecting veils, gloves, and many layers of clothes. Take a head light with you, since attics are dingy and dark areas.
  • The best time for removing a wasp's nest is at dusk when these insects are a bit drowsy.
  • Make sure you make no movements that create sounds, since these bugs are very sensitive to them.
  • Now, just spray the insecticide spray near the mouth of the nest. You can also use a covering bag to cover the entire nest and seal it properly. Dump the nest when you are done.
  • You can call a professional pest controller if you don't want to take risks.
Killing Wasps Naturally
  • If you can't stand the smell of toxic chemical sprays or wasp repellents, you can try various home remedies which are effective as well.
  • You can pour boiling water, kerosene, or diesel onto the nest at night when the wasps are resting.
  • You can also use citrus oil extract, which is a natural insecticide containing limonene and linalool.
  • You can make simple water traps or glass traps with solutions of wasp attractants, like fruit juice, petroleum jelly, or jam and hang these near wasp-prone areas. The insects will get trapped inside the bottle and eventually die.
  • You can buy an artificial waspinator, which is a clone of the wasp nest. Wasps never invade nests other than theirs, and thus they will keep away from your house.
  • Spraying neem or rosemary oil onto the nest is another way to kill these insects naturally inside your house.
I hope you have got the correct information about how to get rid of wasps at home. Taking preventive measures and using the most effective sprays helps in wasp removal. You need to remember that proper hygiene can help get rid of wasps forever.
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