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How Do You Pick the Best Bath Towel? Keep These 4 Factors in Mind

How to Pick the Best Bath Towels
A bath towel is something everyone needs to buy time and again. But have you thought of all the points you need to consider while choosing the perfect bath towel for yourself?
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Towels are one of the most significant toiletry items we need. They are a rather multi-purpose piece of fabric that one uses for a number of things everyday. A bath towel is typically 30 inches wide and 60 inches long. It is made of various fabrics and sizes and even shapes. The popular science fiction book The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy had a very special place for towels in the plot - anyone who has read that book, or seen the movie adapted from it, must never have looked at a towel in the same way again! Bath towels help us dry ourselves after a bath. However, many a time we do not give much thought to what kind of a towel we should pick for ourselves. This is rather surprising because a bath towel comes in contact with our most delicate body parts as well, and hence they should be selected with as much care as while picking lingerie for yourself. Find out here, the important considerations of buying a bath towel.
4 Frontiers to Think On While Picking Bath Towels
The following four-step guide will help you pick the correct bath towel that will serve all your needs without compromising on any of them to give you the perfect bathing experience! Read on...
The Right Fabric
Cotton Towels
Bath towels come in many different fabrics, from pure cotton ones to those that have a certain percentage of synthetic fibers mixed in them. Both have their own advantages. The pure cotton bath towels absorb water quickly, are very gentle on the skin, and are soft enough to not burn, especially while rubbing your back.
Towels made of Egyptian cotton would top your list, if these were your considerations. They are soft, fluffy, and super comfortable. However, you might be cheated by fakes if you do not know how to identify genuine Egyptian cotton towels.
Synthetic fiber mixed cotton towels on the other hand are easy to dry, and do not shed lints of fabric as they get old. But the synthetic fibers may be harsh on your skin. If they do not suit your skin, they may leave ugly rashes on the body. Know your skin and body before you select a bath towel with the right kind of fabric.
The Right Texture
Too soft a towel is - frankly - very irritating to dry your body with. They cling onto wet skin and just refuse to move! At the same time, too rough a bath towel can burn or bruise your skin if you rub too hard. Select the right kind of texture when picking a towel.
Microfiber towels
A towel that is very soft and fluffy may not be able to clean the layer of dead cells off your body, leaving the skin looking patchy. It is necessary that your bath towel have at least some amount of roughness to take care of this. Personally, I prefer the texture of microfiber towels - it is just right. Textured towels also absorb better than extremely smooth towels, hence it would be wiser to pick a textured one. However, make sure your towel feels like a towel and not a bath scrub! If your skin is sensitive, the texture of your bath towel should be your primary concern.
The Right Size
As silly a suggestion as that may sound, it is important you pick the right size of a bath towel! This is especially important when you are traveling, or if you visit the beach. Though a beach towel would be the more appropriate thing to carry to the beach, a big enough bath towel can also serve the purpose. While picking a bath towel, remember it is a towel and not a bed-sheet! Do not go for an extra long, extra big bath towel that you cannot even wrap around your body properly. At the same time, do not pick a bath towel that is so round that it cannot even go once around your body. Imagine wiping your back with a short towel - you won't be able to even hold it properly in your hands to rub it over your back!
The Right Color
By color, I do not mean go for a color that suits your skin tone and the color of your hair etc. It is a bath towel, not a dress. What I mean is, do not go for a towel the color of which fades when you wash it. Apart from concern for how the towel will look, the bigger concern is of the color affecting your skin. With the clothes we wear, a certain garment being like that hardly makes a difference, for we are not going to wear a wet garment on the body! But a towel is meant to wipe yourself dry, and so if the color goes off when the towel comes in contact with water, it could come onto your skin and cause harm. The best way to ensure that doesn't happen is to opt for light colored towels - especially all pastel shades. Pastel shades almost never wear off if the garment is wet.
A fun tip I would like to give before I conclude is to opt for a hooded bath towel rather than a plain regular one. It's a fun way to dry your hair, and it is a great hit with the kids. Decorative bath towels can also make you feel nice about using them; they will add some fun element to your bathroom!
I hope these pointers will help you pick the best bath towel to suit your skin type and body. Bath towels come in contact with our most delicate body parts too; it only emphasizes why one should be careful and choosy while picking a bath towel. Be picky, and do not compromise on quality for cost. Happy shopping!