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These Tips Work Wonders in Removing ChapStick Stains from Clothes

How to Remove ChapStick Stains From Clothes
ChapSticks are a small handy sticks of lip balm that can easily fit in our pockets or bags. But, you sometimes wish they weren't so handy when you forget them in your pocket and they stain your clothes after having gone through the washer and dryer. If you find yourself in a similar situation, HomeQuicks has provided 6 easy tricks to remove ChapStick stains out of clothes.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Quick Tip!
When removing a ChapStick stain, never rub the material vigorously. Clean it gently with your fingers or a clean cloth.
ChapStick protects our lips during dry winters and intense summers. Moreover, a tinted ChapStick can give your lips that subtle pink shade. Many people use lip balm frequently and tend to carry it along and forget it in their pockets, only to discover a stain of melted ChapStick that seems tough to remove. ChapSticks are made from beeswax and contains certain oils too. This makes your clothes more messier and the stain more stubborn.

Discovering a stain on your favorite jeans or T-shirt because of a forgotten ChapStick or lip balm can be really annoying. While rewashing the clothing can seem like a logical solution, it may not work as the stain is caused due to oil contained in the ChapStick. Also, a stain set by the heat of the dryer can be difficult to remove. You may have tried out various stain removers and detergents to no avail, but fret not, HomeQuicks has six easy ways to restore your clothes by removing ChapStick stains easily.
Stain remover
✤ Keep the smeared clothing in the freezer, when the ChapStick freezes scrape off the residue with a knife or a spoon.

✤ If the stick is oil based, take 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of dish washing liquid in a bowl. Take a white cloth, and slide it under the stain, dab the stain with the mixture and paper towel.

✤ Wash the clothing with warm or cold water according to the washing instructions specified on it.
✤ Using a spoon, gently scrape off as much of the ChapStick stain as you can. Take a small amount of Un-Do Candle Wax Remover, apply it on the stain.

✤ Let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Later, wash it normally in warm water, which the garment can bear.

✤ Let the cloth air dry, drying it in a dryer will only cause the stain to spread more, so use a dryer only after you are sure all that all the stains are gone.

✤ If the stain is still visible, place the stained side of the clothing on top of white paper towels or a white cloth. Next, pour a tiny amount of dry cleaning fluid directly on the other side of the stained side, let it air dry.

✤ Wash it normally, but air dry. Repeat the above step if the stain still exists.
Woman spraying hairspray on cloth
✤ Take a dry cloth, and slide it under the stained cloth, now take spray a little hairspray directly over the stain. You can spray liberally, but of course, not too much.

✤ Grab another dry cloth and dab it on the stain, it may take several tries but hey! It's worth it. You may need to repeat the same procedure multiple times to eliminate the stain.
✤ Try to scrape off excess ChapStick from the cloth using a spoon or butter knife. Now, dab some prewash stain remover.

✤ Launder as normal. If the stain still persists, repeat the above procedure.
✤ Scrape maximum possible waxy residue using a spoon or a plastic knife.

✤ Take two sheets of paper, you can also use a brown paper bag, and tear it into two sheets. Place one sheet of paper on an ironing board, and place the stained area of the cloth on the paper with the waxy stained surface face up. Place the 2nd sheet of paper over the stained area.

✤ Grab your iron, plug it in, set it to medium heat without steam. Once the iron is hot, iron the sheet of paper, moving it often to avoid burning the paper. Lift the paper frequently to check if the oil stain has transferred onto the paper, the paper will become oily and sticky. Keep replacing the sheet of papers under and over the spot, iron till no more wax or oil gets transferred.

✤ Now, place a tiny amount of liquid laundry detergent on the smeared spot, fold it and rub the fabric so that the fibers soak the detergent. Let it sit for sometime, then rinse it with the hottest temperature water permissible according to the washing instructions on the cloth's tag. Let it air dry, the melted lip balm stain should be gone.
Woman washing cloth
✤ Begin by scraping excess waxy residue, take some solvent stain removal and apply it directly over the stain. Take a washcloth and blot the spot until the stain goes.

✤ Take some liquid detergent, and apply it with a toothbrush to the stain.

✤ Wash the cloth with warm water, use your regular detergent, and hang it to air dry.

✤ If the stain still persists, wash it with all fabric bleach; however, you can you use chlorine bleach if you are working with a white cloth. Read the bleach instructions to determine the permissible quantity that can be added. This method works wonder to remove stains after drying.
Do wear gloves while treating these stains, also always try out the method a small patch of the stain. Once you discover the stain, try to remove it as soon as possible so that the stain does not become permanent.