How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Car

If you or any of your friends have smoked inside the car, the unpleasant odor can linger. Here are some tips about how to remove cigarette smell from car that you can use if you're facing this problem.
HomeQuicks Staff
The odor of cigarette smoke can be very unpleasant and also quite difficult to remove, because tobacco consists of a number of chemicals in it. It can also be a source of irritation for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems. Removing cigarette smell from cars can be a bit tricky, as air fresheners only help in masking the smell but do not eliminate it completely.
These are some of the ways by which you can remove cigarette smell from car.
  • Clean the Car Interiors:
    The first thing you do when you set about removing cigarette smell from the interior of your car is to clean the interiors thoroughly. Throw out cigarette butts and sweep the floor of the car. Remove ash and vacuum the interiors with a small handheld vacuum cleaner if possible. Scrub everything with a strong household disinfectant.
  • Leave a Bowl of Vinegar:
    Pour some white vinegar in a small bowl and place it inside the car. Keep it overnight. If the smoky odor is not gone in the morning, you will need to repeat this procedure for a few more days.
  • Place a Bowl of Charcoal:
    Place some containers that have charcoal in them that is open to the air inside your vehicle. It will take about a week for the charcoal to effectively absorb the smoke odor from the interior of the car. This method is sure to remove cigarette smells and result in an improvement in the way your car smells.
  • Place a Piece of Cut Apple:
    Another good idea to remove cigarette smell is to keep a piece of cut apple inside the car and let it sit until it shrivels up. The apple will absorb all the smoky odor from the interiors of the car.
  • Place Ground Coffee Beans:
    Coarsely ground coffee beans are another ingredient that can help in absorbing the odor of cigarette smoke. You can take some used coffee beans and place them inside small fabric pouches and leave them in your car. Your vehicle will smell as good as new after a few days.
  • Leave a Cup of Ammonia:
    You can also place a cup of ammonia inside the car overnight for a week or so to get rid of smoke odor from cigarettes.
  • Sprinkle Baking Powder:
    Sprinkle baking soda on your car seats and carpet and leave it overnight. Next day, vacuum the carpet as well as the seats. This will significantly remove the odor and eliminate all traces of it.
  • Place Vanilla Extract:
    An expensive way to remove cigarette smell is to use vanilla extract. Remove the vanilla from the bean by splitting it in half lengthwise and apply it on a cotton ball. Place this inside the car to get rid of any smoky smell. Do not use synthetic vanilla essence, as it is not useful.
  • Place Cat Litter:
    You might find the next solution a little odd, but it really works. Place cat litter in a pie pan and leave it inside the car for a week to get rid of the odor.
  • Use Mixture of Apple Sauce and Cinnamon:
    Combine some apple sauce with ground cinnamon and mix them together until you have a really thick paste. It will take about ½ cup apple sauce and ¼ cup cinnamon powder. Put it in an empty plastic container and place it under the seat of your car.
Some preventive measures should also be taken so that you do not suffer from this problem again. Refrain from smoking inside the car, and if you do so, roll down the windows. Remember to use an astray and avoid flinging the ash all over the interiors of the car. Since it is pretty difficult and time-consuming to remove cigarette smell from a car, the best option is to make a rule to refrain from smoking inside the car in the first place.
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