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Impressive Ideas on How to Remove Odor from a Microwave

How to Remove Odor from a Microwave
Are you fed up of the burnt smell that lingers in the kitchen for long after you prepare something in your microwave? Do you want to get rid of that unwanted odor? Keep reading to know some simple yet effective ideas to remove odor from microwave.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
The microwave has become a vital accessory in today's kitchens. Every other day we need it to prepare a new dish or to warm up prepared food. We love preparing food in the microwave but hate the nasty smell that it produces as the appliance gets older. We cannot stop using the microwave for this reason, but we can find a way to remove the unwanted odor and be ready to use the fresh odor-free microwave once again.

Removing burnt smell, or even the aroma of food from the microwave is not a difficult task unless you have the right equipment and follow the correct method. Here are a few simple ways to clean your microwave and remove the odor from it.
How to Remove Burnt Popcorn Smell from a Microwave
We all love popcorn as it has an awesome taste and it can be made instantly. But who likes the burnt odor of the same yummy snack lingering in the kitchen for days together? Obviously, none of us would like it. That is why here are some instructions to remove the smell of burnt popcorn from the oven.

You will Need:
  • 1 cup of water
  • Lemon juice
Lemon juice
  • Open the doors and windows of the house to let maximum smell go out with the air. It is necessary to do this immediately because once the burnt smell sticks to the kitchen rugs and curtains, it will require an extra effort to remove the odor.
  • Dispose off the burnt popcorn into the trash outside the house because if it remains in the house you will still feel that the oven is stinking. Do not put it in the kitchen dustbin, as it can spread to other rooms.
  • You can just use boiling water to remove the smell if it is not very strong. Take a large cup of water and put it in a microwave-safe bowl. Place the bowl in the oven and heat it. The microwave fan will circulate the smell and let it out through the vents.
  • If the burnt smell is very strong you need to take a cup of water and mix it with the juice of one or two lemons.
  • Put the mixture in a microwave-safe bowl and place it in the oven.
  • Heat the mixture for at least two minutes. Let the mixture sit in the oven till it cools down.
  • Remove the bowl when it cools down completely and clean the microwave thoroughly. Use a damp cloth to wipe the walls, the door and the plate of the microwave. Never ever use a wet cloth or any harsh equipment (knife or spoon) to clean the inner side of the oven, as it can cause severe damage to the machine.
  • Make sure that you remove all the food particles from the oven which will ensure that the machine is now odor free.
How to Remove Meat Odor from a Microwave
If you cook very often in your microwave, it starts stinking and after a while, will fill the entire kitchen with the odor. And if the cooked foods are meat and fish, it is a real pain to get rid of the smell that can last for at least a week. There are a few suggestions below to help you make this job a bit easier.

You will Need:
Baking soda
Baking soda
Hot water
Hot water
White vinegar
Vinegar bottle
Plastic scrubber
Scrubber pad
Dish washing soap
Orange Soap
  • The first few steps are the same 1. as the method above, like opening the windows and doors to let the odor out. You can also switch on the kitchen's exhaust fan to speed up the dissipation of odor.
  • Wash the dish, in which you prepared the meat, with the dish washing soap and water. If the odor still persists, soak the dish in hot water overnight. In the morning you can rinse it, once with the soapy water and then with clean water. This will help to remove the food particles from the dish too.
  • Take a microwave-safe bowl with water and white vinegar. Take approximate measurements of the ingredients because it is not necessary to be accurate.
  • Place the bowl in the oven and boil it for 20 to 25 minutes. The vinegar steam will push the meat odor out of the microwave.
  • To remove the odor from the house, you will need baking soda boxes. Place 2 to 3 boxes in the kitchen and they will absorb the remaining odor.
These are the ways to get rid of the odor that are left behind in the microwave when you cook something in it. Follow the above guidelines and keep your microwave clean and fresh for longer.