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How to Spot Bed Bugs

How to Spot Bed Bugs and Get Rid of Them Fast

One of the most common problems prevalent among households is a bed bug infestation. Given in this article are ways of spotting these pests and getting rid of them.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Bed bugs are small, flat, and appear brownish red in color. Their size permits them to settle a habitation in the crevices of furniture, fabrics, and walls without being noticed. If you fail to spot them, they will be a nuisance to you, biting you the entire night. Therefore, the first thing that you should know is how to spot them. You can then take the necessary precautionary steps once you are aware of their presence.
Spotting Bed Bugs
You can spot bed bugs in a hotel while sleeping at night. The easiest way to assure their presence is by detecting the red spots on your body after they have bitten you. You will undergo terrible itching and the marks will resemble mosquito bites, although the intensity of redness will be much more. Bed bug bite marks will appear on your legs, thighs, hands, back, and almost every parts of your body. If the infestation is large then they might bite on your face as well. After rising up from your sleep, you can easily spot them on your bed. They will crawl out from their niche and you can easily find them over bedding, pillow covers, quilts, and mattresses. Also look into the crevices of the furniture to locate their habitat.
Dismantle your bed immediately to find out if they have laid eggs in the linings and folds of the bedding, wooden furniture, or mattresses. They have a tendency to hide in tight and compact places. In case you have killed a bed bug, you will find some brownish spots on the bed sides on such subtle places.
Other bed bug signs include patches of their droppings and fecal matter on rugs, bed sheets and mattresses. Apart from these, you should also check the other places that are likely to be infested by bed bugs. Inspect your wardrobe carefully and your luggage if you have traveled recently, as they usually get transported during traveling. Sometimes, they are too small to be detected with a naked eye. Take a magnifying glass and look carefully into their most probable hiding zones. After spotting bed bugs, you must take immediate action to get rid of them.
How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Make a quick move to kill them immediately after you have spotted them. Wash the bedding, bed sheets and quilts in warm water. Allow the mattress to soak in sunlight for two or three days continuously. You can also hire a professional if the intensity of infestation is large. Bed bugs treatment is also done by thoroughly cleaning the furniture and upholstery with a vacuum cleaner. The larvae and eggs are also disposed off while vacuuming. Sealing the crevices temporarily also helps in preventing the further spread of insects.
One of the best technique for getting rid of bed bugs is spraying their habitat with alcohol. You can also wipe the infected areas with a cloth dipped in alcohol. These were some of the common techniques by which you can remove bed bugs from your home.
Although bed bugs bite causes itchiness and burning sensation, they do not carry any infectious disease with them. Therefore, keep the furnishings of your house clean to prevent bed bug invasion.