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How to Starch Your Clothes

How to Starch Your Clothes

You can starch your clothes at home using store-bought products or homemade starch. This article provides some tips for starching clothes.
Sonia Nair
You might have heard about the famous saying, "clothes make a man". Just wearing clothes is not enough to make an impression. You must wear the right ones in the right way. Some clothes look good when they are properly starched and ironed. You may starch the clothes on your own, or get the clothes dry-cleaned, if you are not sure of how to go about it. While dry cleaners may charge you a good amount for starching clothes, the same task can be done at home. So if you are interested in saving some money, you can starch the clothes on your own.

Tips to Starch Clothes at Home

Starching clothes is not a difficult task, if you know the right methods. Even though, there is no conclusive evidence to the origin of laundry starch, history of its use has been traced back to the fifteenth and sixteenth century Europe. At that time, it was a lengthy and tiring process that required at least three to four days.

Nowadays, different types of laundry starch products are available in the market. While some of them have to be applied on the clothes before drying; there are starch sprays that can be applied to the clothes, just before ironing. So, the procedure of applying starch to your clothes has become very simple and easy, so that you no longer need the service of dry cleaners. Starching clothes can be done in three ways. You may either go for liquid starch that has to be applied on the clothes, before drying; or spray starch that can be sprayed to the clothes, before ironing. Another method is to prepare starch at home and use it.

Method I - Spray Starch and Liquid Starch

If you are using a starch spray, all you have to do is to wash the clothes and dry them. Remove them from the washing machine, when they are almost dry, but still have a little bit of dampness. Spray a light and even coating of starch over the area, you are about to iron. Repeat the process till you cover the whole garment. An important point to remember while using a dry starch is that, you have to apply it in small amounts. After ironing, if the cloth is not stiff enough, you may spray another coat and press the garment once again. In case you use large amounts of starch spray, it may flake off, as you iron the cloth.

Liquid starch can be added to the clothes, while washing. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer, while using the starch. Once done, take out the clothes from the machine, when they are almost dry. The clothes will turn stiff, once they are ironed.

Method II - Homemade Starch

The next method is to prepare the starch on your own. For this purpose, you need a tablespoon full of cornstarch, which has to be mixed with two cups of cold water. You may also add 2-3 drops of essential oil for fragrance. Mix them well without any lumps, and fill in a spray bottle. Spray the starch on the clothes, before ironing. You may also strain the starch, before you fill it in the bottle.

Another method to prepare homemade starch is to dissolve a tablespoon full of cornstarch in ¼ cup of cold water. Boil 3¾ cup of water in a pan, and mix the cornstarch solution in it. Let it boil once again, before removing from heat. Once cool, fill the mixture in a spray bottle, and use as and when required. You may also use ready-made starch powder for clothes, instead of cornstarch. But, in that case, follow the instructions on the label, before using the product.

If you don't want to prepare starch at home, you may opt for store-bought ones. Aerosol cans and spray versions are very useful in applying an even coating of starch over the cloth. So, try these methods to starch your clothes at home.