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Instructions for Using a Scunci Steamer

Instructions for Using a Scunci Steamer
The Scunci Steamer has received a lot of positive reviews from its many consumers. A speckless house is just a few steps away if you opt for this steamer. HomeQuicks guides you on how to use the Scunci Steamer with a few simple steps.
HomeQuicks Staff
Tap Water vs. Distilled Water
Use distilled water instead of tap water in the steamer. This is because tap water contains solid deposits that can damage the steamer's quality of working.

In the past few years, a revolutionary method of cleaning your house till it becomes spotlessly clean has been popularized. It is called a steam cleaner! Rather than using different types of brushes with different soaps and unsafe chemicals, simple hot water steam proves more effective for the stubborn stains. The force of steam has been established to kill 99% of germs without using a single chemical. Though there are several products in the market that help you in steam cleaning your house, most of the consumers prefer the Scunci Steamer. We'll take a close look at how to use this handy product as well as how it clean for future use.
What is a Scunci Steamer?
It is a handheld steam cleaner, which helps you sanitize and deodorize your house without any chemical.
Scunci Steamer Parts and Accessories
With a handheld steam cleaner, you get the following accessories to help in cleaning:
➥ Water filler cup
➥ Funnel
➥ Extension hose
➥ 4 round brush attachments
➥ 2 nylon brushes
➥ Upholstery nozzle
➥ Glass squeegee
➥ Bayonet nozzle
➥ Angle nozzle
➥ 4 cloth covers
➥ Storage tote bag
Using Instructions
By following a few simple steps, you can use your steamer every day!
❶ Fill the water tank of the steamer, which has almost 11 ounces of water capacity. Remove the cap at the top of the steamer, and use the filler cup and funnel to pour water in the tank.
❷ Let the steamer heat up by plugging it to an electric outlet. It takes an average of 5 minutes for the water to boil.
❸ Attach the desired nozzle or extension to target a specific area.
❹ Pick up the steamer with its handle.
❺ Point the nozzle towards the targeted area and press the activator button, which is on the handle. It will release the steam.
❻ Work the steamer from top to bottom and left to right to remove any dirt, debris, stains, food particles, bacteria, mold, or fungus from the cleaning surface.
❼ Wipe away the loosened dirt or other particles with a cloth.
❽ Release the activator button once you've finished cleaning.
❾ Follow the same process the next time you use the steamer.
Cleaning a Scunci Steamer
The steamer needs regular cleaning as well. You can do so in order that the steam cleaner continues to give a good performance.
❶ Empty the water tank completely and dry it off.
❷ Pour 1 part of white vinegar with 3 parts of water in the tank.
❸ Plug the steamer to the electric outlet and let is run for a few minutes.
❹ Switch off the steamer and drain the water-vinegar solution.
❺ The process helps you clean and deodorize the internal steamer mechanism.
❻ Further, you need to clean the nozzles and extensions to avoid clogging. Use mild soap and water to clean the supporting parts of the steamer.
❼ Let the cleaned parts air-dry.
❖ Keep a cloth ready in your other hand to wipe off the dust, grease, and other particles loosened by the steamer.
❖ To remove tough stains, use a nylon brush attachment and rub the target area in a circular motion.
❖ Replace your iron with the Scunci Steamer. Put the wrinkled garment on a hanger. Direct the steam from the steamer towards the wrinkles. Tug the garment a little to smooth out the surface as you steam the wrinkled area.
❖ Use an angular nozzle and extension to clean hard-to-reach areas.
❖ Before refilling the steamer, allow it to cool down completely.
❖ For tricky and stubborn spots, it is advisable to wipe the surface once before cleaning it with the steamer.
❖ You can sanitize your toothbrushes or hairbrushes as well using bayonet attachment.
With a few simple steps to use the Scunci Steamer and helpful tips in your kitty, you can keep your house and personal items as shinny as a mirror. We hope this article helps you clean your house in the way you always wanted. Happy cleaning!
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