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Kitchen Essentials for Your First Home

Kitchen Essentials for Your First Home

Moving into a new home entails immense preparation―lists to be made, things to be bought, shifting to be done, and the works. HomeQuicks helps you with all of this and reduces your workload by providing you a ready list of kitchen essentials that you will need to buy for your first apartment.
Shweta Ajwani
Every kitchen item need not be new. Shop for cheaper items at kitchen sales, yard sales, antique and thrift stores, goodwill stores, or ask your relatives if they can lend you items to start out with.
Among other utilities that make up a 'house' into a 'home', items that go into the kitchen are the most important. Kitchen is the place where food is cooked and food is what keeps the family together and happy. Moving into a new home can be a daunting task and could take its toll on you. But a bowl of steaming broth at the end of a hard and tiring shifting day will ease you and let you take in all the joy and excitement that comes with shifting to a new place. Now for this, you need to be well-stocked with the right utensils and the right ingredients to stir up that steaming broth we talked about.

This article gives you the complete list of all kitchen essentials ideal to stock up the complete kitchen in your new apartment. To avoid last-minute hustle, start buying and packing all these items well in advance, preferably weeks before the date you plan to move into your new home.

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☐ Breakfast/Dinner Table and Chairs
☐ Dining Linen
☐ Table Mats
☐ Storage Cupboards
☐ Vegetable Trolleys

☐ Spoons, Forks, and Knives
☐ Snack and Dinner Plates
☐ Serving and Eating Bowls
☐ Baking Tray
☐ Mixing Bowls
☐ Measuring Trays or Bowls
☐ Measuring Cups and Spoons
☐ Wooden Utensils
☐ Frying Pans, Pots, and Colander
☐ Tongs
☐ Shredder, Sieves, Sifter, and Strainer
☐ Rolling Pin and Rolling Board
☐ Ladles and Spatulas
☐ Crockery
☐ Dinner Sets
☐ Dessert Sets
☐ Serving Sets
☐ Casseroles

For Keeping the Kitchen Clean
☐ Sweeping Brooms and Brushes
☐ Cleaning Liquid and Detergent
☐ Dustbin

Storage Containers For
☐ Cookies
☐ Condiments and Spices
☐ Liquids and Sauces
☐ Fridge and Freezer
☐ Dairy Products

☐ Smoke Alarm and Chimney
☐ Fire Extinguisher
☐ Fridge
☐ Food Processor
☐ Oven
☐ Microwave
☐ Blender
☐ Mixer
☐ Toaster
☐ Juicer
☐ Egg Beater
☐ Rice Cooker
☐ Tea Kettle
☐ Coffee Maker
☐ Waffle Iron
☐ Barbecue Grill

The Knife Set
☐ Bread Knife
☐ Chopping Knife
☐ Vegetable Peeler
☐ Carving Knife
☐ Chopping/Cutting Board
☐ Pizza Cutter
☐ Pie Cutter
☐ Chef's Knife
☐ Utility Knife

☐ Tin Foil and Tin Foil Holder and Cutter
☐ Paper Napkins and Paper Napkin Holder
☐ Cloth Napkins and Cloth Napkin Holder
☐ Plastic Wrap and Plastic Wrap Holder
☐ Salt Cellars
☐ Straws and Straw Holders
☐ Microwave and Oven Mitts
☐ Bottle Opener
☐ Can Opener
☐ Scissors
☐ Corkscrew
☐ Ziploc Bags
☐ Meat and Oven Thermometers

You don't want to run around knocking on your neighbors' doors for little things that you missed out on. Refer to this list, and stock up on everything that you can for your new kitchen in your new home. Since you are starting out new, some of the items on the list might not really be 'essential', so you can skip buying those. On the other hand, feel free to add items to the list if some of them have been left out on this one.