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10 Myths and Facts You Didn't Know About Air Conditioners

Myths and Facts About Air Conditioners
Whether you're planning to get an air conditioner for your room or you already own one, these myths and facts about air conditioners will go a long way in helping you save energy and reduce your electricity bills. Have a look!
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
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All electrical appliances, including the air conditioner, consume electricity even when they are turned off but still plugged into the socket.
Air conditioners are a boon for the sweltering summer days when nothing else is effective enough in cooling your home. While there have been numerous breakthroughs in air conditioning technology over the past few years, there are some myths about this cooling equipment that refuse to die away. In this HomeQuicks article, we have made an effort to create awareness about the different aspects of using the technology for your benefit, right from choosing the correct model to effective maintenance. So, sit back and relax, as we help you find out if your knowledge about air conditioners is indeed as real as you think!
Debunking Myths About Air Conditioners
Myth : You can save on your electricity bills by keeping the air conditioner running when you're not at home, instead of switching it on later and having to re-cool the house all over again.

Fact: This is perhaps one of the most common myths about air conditioning. The fact is that, you save on your electricity bill when you switch off the air conditioner. The trick is to keep your room insulated to prevent the cool air from escaping. Keep the windows closed when you're away from home, as open windows let in humidity that your air conditioner had successfully driven out. Also, don't forget to pull down the curtains if you want to return home to a cool room. However, many people prefer installing a programmable thermostat to control the temperature of the air conditioning system during different hours of the day, and when they are away.
Man switching on air conditioner
Myth : An efficient air conditioner is all you need to save on your electricity bills.

Fact: While it's true that an efficient air conditioner can go a long way in reducing your electricity bill, it's essential that you get one in the right size. Installing a larger unit will only add to your bill, and won't be much effective in removing humidity. Contact a professional to know what is the optimum size of air conditioner for your room.
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Myth : Setting the thermostat to the lowest temperature will cool your room in the shortest time.

Fact: It's a fairly common belief that you should set the thermostat to a temperature that is a few degrees lower than what you actually want, but nothing can be further from the truth. The fact is that, your air conditioner probably has a single fan speed, and replaces a certain amount of hot air with cold air in a given period of time. When you set the thermostat to a lower temperature, you end up wasting energy. However, if your AC has a low/medium/high setting instead of a thermostat, then setting it to high cools your room faster.
Man adjusting thermostat
Myth : Leaving the ceiling fan on can keep your room cool, even when nobody's home.

Fact: This again, cannot be further from the truth. While a ceiling fan can make the people in the room feel cooler, it does nothing to lower the temperature of the room. Hence, it is recommended that you turn off the fans before leaving the room, if you wish to save energy. However, in the summer season, you can save energy by switching the ceiling fan on and setting the thermostat of your conditioner to a higher temperature.
Myth : Your air conditioner will run efficiently, no matter where and how you install it.

Fact: If you still believe that installing an air conditioning unit just anywhere in the room can give you the same results, think again! The efficiency of an air conditioner depends a lot on where you get it installed. Never install the thermostat close to light fixtures or an electrical appliance, because the heat emitted can affect its accuracy in sensing the temperature of the room. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and see to it that nothing obstructs the flow of air from the unit.
Myth : All air conditioners are equally effective.

Fact: At a time when we are witnessing rapid advancements in every field of technology, how can air conditioning technology be left behind? Every new model that is launched in the market comes with a never-seen-before feature, and the consumer is spoiled for choice. Today, you have air conditioners available in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. With smart Cs already launched in the market, the future looks bright indeed!
Myth : Spending too much time in an air-conditioned environment can make you sick.

Fact: This is completely false. Before it was discovered that common cold is caused by a virus, people believed that we catch a cold when exposed to low temperatures, which does not stand true today. However, accumulation of dust and/or mold in the vent can trigger or aggravate allergic symptoms. This can be avoided by cleaning the vents periodically.
Myth : Air conditioners are only meant for the summers.

Fact: With modern air conditioners that come with different modes for different seasons of the year, the fact that air conditioners are only meant to be used during the scorching summer months has become a myth of the past. Today, you have ACs with hot and cold modes, and even a monsoon mode, with the latter serving the purpose of removing excess humidity from the room. There are air conditioners that can double up as a heater, making them suitable for use in cold climates too.
Myth : You should clean the air filter once a year.

Fact: This is not true if high efficiency is what you're looking for in your air conditioner. You should clean the filter at least after every two months, and more frequently if your AC is running for long hours. Also, don't forget to turn off the AC while you're dusting the room, to prevent dust from settling in the vents or getting accumulated in the filter.
Man cleaning air conditioner
Myth : As long as the air conditioner is running smoothly, everything's fine.

Fact: This is a myth you should never believe in. Without regular maintenance, you'll never know if your air conditioning unit is functioning properly or not. Sometimes, problems appear without warning, and the only sure way to detect and tackle them before they intensify is to follow a maintenance routine. This way, you'll be saved from the trouble of shelling out huge amounts of money for repairs, later on.
So, we see that there are quite a few myths that people mistakenly consider to be facts. Now that you're aware of them, you're better equipped to make energy-efficient choices for your home.