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How to Oil a Paper Shredder

Learn How to Oil a Paper Shredder in 7 Easy Steps for Smooth Use

Does your paper shredder need oiling? Don't know how to go about it? These tips on choosing the right oil and techniques on oiling the shredder shall let you breathe a sigh of relief!
Fatima Rangwala
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
A common complaint of consumers purchasing this machine is the overpriced oil it requires. While you may come across plenty oils that work fine for most machines, and cost less, they do leave a little residue on the cutters. However, if you buy an oil that is solely meant for paper shredders, you won't have to worry about this problem; they leave no residue behind. Also, substitutes attract unwanted ink stains and dust present on the documents, pathetically clogging the machine's cutting head in the long run.
For your paper shredder to perform well, you need to be up-to-date with its maintenance. Regularly oil the cutting heads. If it is used heavily, it will need more lubrication than when not used frequently. For a continuous usage, you will need to probably oil it every five hours. Also, there are two types of shredders: cross cut and strip cut. Cross cut shredders need more oiling. Also, heavier papers need more work on the shredder's end. Take all these factors into consideration before you oil your machine.
As mentioned before, use an oil designed specifically for paper shredders; not even the WD-40. Though shredder oils come in a variety like aerosol and liquids, the most commonly used type is the liquid oil.

Hold the bottle in a slanting position and shake it gently.

Now, directly spray it onto the cutting heads of the shredder.

While spraying, see that it's being applied finely.

Squeeze the bottle consistently to apply the oil evenly from one side to another.
Now turn the shredder and run the gears reversely for some time.

Meanwhile, keep spraying for about 15-20 seconds on the side that's facing you. This action will permit the oil to seep to all the reachable parts of the cutting head.

Once you're done, you will notice some excessive oil on the machine. To get rid of this problem, slip in a few rough papers and start the machine.
That's it! You're done here. The first few times you oil your shredder, you may apply a little more oil or a little less. However, with time, you'll understand when exactly the shredder needs to be oiled. Remember the instructions about using an authentic oil.