Parquet Floor Cleaning

One of the most attractive flooring material is parquet flooring. To keep such floors looking shiny and scratch free, you need to know how to clean it effectively. Here is a comprehensive write up about cleaning parquet floor.
Parquet floors are one of the most beautiful flooring that you can choose and it gives the interiors a very classy and elegant look. But parquet floors does not come cheap and it is a major investment in your home. To keep your parquet floors gleaming and to prevent it from looking worn and dull, you need to clean it regularly, and in the right way. These floors are made up of wooden tiles or wooden blocks that are fitted together with each other. Usually parquet flooring is crafted out of different types and textures of wood to give a unique and pleasing appearance to the floor. This type of flooring is available in different kinds of patterns like herringbone, checkered and brick style. Parquet flooring are durable and long-lasting and as such are a favorite among home owners. If you have parquet flooring, then you would, no doubt, like to keep it looking as good as new and for as long as possible. To do that, proper maintenance and care of parquet wood flooring is essential.

How to Clean a Parquet Floor

Before you learn about parquet floor cleaning, it is important to determine what kind of finish it has. If it has a lacquer or shellac coating, then it is imperative that you do not use water to clean the floor. Water will damage the wood of the flooring and cause it to warp and buckle. If the parquet floor has a polyurethane coating, then you can go ahead and clean the floor with water.

Clear the Floor of Furniture
The first step in cleaning a parquet floor is to clear the floor of all the furniture. This enables you to clean the whole surface area of the floor. This also prevents accumulation of dust and debris under furniture which can become very difficult to remove later.

Vacuum or Dry Mop
Once you have removed all furniture from the area which you want to clean, vacuum the parquet floor with a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a mop with a long flexible handle to remove all dirt and dust from the floor.

Mop Parquet Floors
When all the surface dirt and dust has been vacuumed away, it is time to do a more thorough cleaning. Dampen a good quality mop in water which has a mild liquid dishwashing drops added to it. Next wring out all the excess water from the mop and start mopping the floor. Always make sure that you mop the floor after wringing the water from it thoroughly. If you have lacquered or shellacked parquet floors, then avoid cleaning them with a damp mop.

Buffing the Parquet Floors
After you are done moping the floor with the damp mop, you need to remove any excess moisture and soapy residue from the floor. Use a soft cloth like a terrycloth or cloth diaper to rub the parquet flooring in circular motion. Work from one end of the floor to another and make sure that you use gentle pressure while polishing. This process is known as buffing, and it helps to give the floor a gleaming appearance.

If you have been lax in your regular cleaning, then dirt and grease might have accumulated on your beautiful parquet floor. For cleaning such tough stains, you need to rub the area gently with a sponge that has been dampened with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Buff with a soft cloth afterwards. If the grease and other debris are still persists, then you need to scrub the area gently with a nylon pad that has been moistened with dishwashing liquid. The best way to keep your parquet floor looking as good as new is regular cleaning. Also make sure that you use area rugs on the floor to limit the accumulation of dust and dirt.