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Cushion 101: Types of Pillow Stuffing and Their Advantages

Types of Pillow Stuffing
When it comes to pillows, whether for the bed or couch, the primary thing that you should look for is comfort. On a bed, the more comfortable pillows are, the better sleep a person gets at night. Same goes for throw pillows on the couch. That's why, you should always pay special attention to the stuffing that you are going to use. The material that a pillow is stuffed with can have a direct effect on your health.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
polyester suffimg pillow
If you are looking for an inexpensive type, opt for a polyester filling. Polyester, a man-made fiber, is durable and the pillows filled in it can last in good condition for around two years. For polyester filling to be comfortable, the thread count should be more in the pillows. These provide good support for the head and neck; however, they absorb dirt, sweat, and oil very easily, and thus need to be cleaned frequently.
Down and Feather Blends
down and feather blends suffimg pillow
This material is soft, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Feathers in such pillows are meant to provide support to the head, neck, and shoulders. Down, which is actually the feathers found below the outwardly visible feathers of a bird, usually a duck, is much softer compared to feathers. Mostly, down feather blends in the ratio of 10:90, where 10% being down and 90% being feathers, are a preferred choice. Such stuffing is very durable and can last in the same shape for years.
Shredded Foam
The problem with this type is that over time, it tends to become out of shape. Moreover, this stuffing needs some heavy upholstery to keep it in place, which many people find uncomfortable. Hence, if you are planning to use it, mix it with polyester fibers, for a softer feel.
Memory Foam
memory foam
When a person sleeps on a pillow with memory foam stuffing, it conforms to the shape of his head and neck. This allows for easy and free head movements during the night. Another point where this stuffing scores over others is that memory foam has inbuilt holes which prevent bacteria, germs, and moisture to accumulate. The holes allow for proper air circulation too.
Styrofoam Beads
If you are looking for pillow stuffing for neck pillows or bean bags, Styrofoam beads are a good option. This stuffing is very gentle on the neck as it adapts to its shape very well. It is easily washable at home, making it a convenient option.
cotton stuffing pillow
These days, people are more inclined towards using natural material. So, if you too are looking for an organic pillow stuffing, go for organic cotton. This stuffing however, needs to be mixed with wool batting, so that it remains soft and in shape. Another option in this category is buckwheat pillows made from the renewable buckwheat hull.
For those of you who want to know from where to buy the material, the best place is a craft store or a hobby store. Big departmental stores sometimes have a separate craft section, from where you can easily purchase any of the aforementioned types.