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Shark Vs. Dyson: Which Vacuum Cleaner Brand is Better?

Shark Vs. Dyson: Which Vacuum Cleaner Brand is Better?

Shark and Dyson are two of the most popular upright vacuum cleaners around. Are you confused between the two? If yes, then this HomeQuicks article is a must-read. It gives a comparison of Shark vs. Dyson, along with their reviews, so that you can decide which vacuum cleaner is the best for your particular needs.
Akshay Chavan
Did You Know?
Around 20% of all vacuum cleaners sold in America belong to the Dyson brand.

Vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable part of our lives. These devices work by creating a partial vacuum that sucks up any dirt, which is then stored in dust bags, from which it can be disposed later. Over the years, there have been significant modifications in the design of vacuum cleaners, with the intent of making them better and easier to use.

Vacuum cleaners are of three main types: canister, upright, and stick cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaners simply have a cleaning head with a bag and handle attached. Canister cleaners are bulky and have a separate unit for the motor and dust collector, which are then attached to the cleaner head with a hose. Stick vacuum cleaners are the lightest and most portable, with most models being battery charged.

The two most popular vacuum cleaner brands are Shark and Dyson. Both are of the bag-less variety, in which the dirt collected is stored in a bin, rather than a disposable bag. These vacuum cleaners are based on cyclonic technology, in which very minute particles are trapped without being let out again. Both devices are of the upright variety, which makes them easy to use. A review of Shark vs. Dyson is given below in more detail, along with the comparison between one popular model of each.

Feature Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Dyson DC65 Animal Complete
Type Upright Upright
Capacity 1.1 gallon 0.55 gallon
Weight 14 lbs 17.35 lbs
Suction Power 58.4 air watts 245 air watts
Tools Hard floor tool Stair tool
Microfiber pad Combination tool
2 crevice tools Pet turbine tool
Pet hair power brush Soft dusting brush
Dusting attachment Zorb tool
Stiff brush
Multiangle brush
Accessory Bag
Power Cord 25' 35'
Warranty 5 years limited 5 years parts and labor
Online Price Around $200 Around $520

Shark Vs. Dyson Review
► At around $200, a Shark vacuum cleaner is less than half the price of a Dyson cleaner.
► Despite the price difference, its performance is comparable to that of the Dyson.
► Its light weight of 14 lbs makes it easy to carry around.
► At 1.1 gallon, its air cup capacity is much larger than the Dyson's, meaning that it needs to be emptied less frequently.
► It comes with a removable canister vacuum, which makes it easy to use on stairs.
► Shark offers a 60 days money-back guarantee, which allows new users to test the device.
► Its swivel steering technology makes it easy to turn around and maneuver.
► Shark cleaners are designed to lay flat when used to clean the undersides of furniture. This makes shifting furniture unnecessary while cleaning.
► Emptying the canister is easy. Also, its transparency allows one to see if it is full and needs emptying.
► Its hard floor attachment has a mop-like action, which makes removing dust and debris from bare floors easier.
► Users report that Shark cleans bare floors better than Dyson, especially large debris in the corners.
► It uses sealed HEPA technology, which traps about 99.99% of dust and allergens without releasing them.
► Its pet brush attachment allows easy removal of pet hair from both, carpets and floors.
► Its removable canister allows easy and hassle-free cleaning of tight spaces.
► A completely removable cleaning head allows for easier cleaning of stairs.
► The design of the device makes removal of clogs and replacement of broken components easy.
► It picks up pet litter and pet food even with a nearly full canister.
► Shark cleaners provide a choice of allowing brush movement (for carpets) or keeping it still (for bare floors).

► Its shorter power cord may be a hassle, if a power socket isn't nearby.
► The cleaner head is narrow, around 9.5", which makes vacuuming larger areas require more passes.
► Shark vacuum cleaners do not have an adjustable height setting.
► Shark has been accused of poor customer care service.
► When returning a cleaner, consumers have to pay shipping charges, which may even go up to $60.

► At 245 air watts, Dyson claims to have the most suction power for any vacuum cleaner, which enables the brush bristles to go deeper into carpets for better cleaning.
► The vacuum cleaner head is automatically-adjusting, which means, it positions the brush bristles depending on the surface being cleaned.
► Dyson cleaners come with a patented 'Ball technology', which allows it to turn on the spot for easy maneuvering.
► It requires very less maintenance; users have reported using this brand for more than 5 years without any maintenance requirement at all.
► At 35 feet, its power cord is longer than the Shark's, and allows it to reach far-away places.
► The Dyson is better designed to remove stubborn pet hair, as compared to the Shark.
► Its well-designed base plate makes cleaning baseboards and cabinets easy.
► It has a longer hose, which enables users to clean the tops of stairs while leaving the unit at the base.
► The unit does not topple over when the hose is stretched out.
► Its turbine tool does not get tangled with pet hair.
► It has a sleek and attractive design.

► It is heavier than the Shark, and some users may find it bulky.
► At around $520, it is one of the most expensive vacuum cleaners in the market.
► Sometimes, its strong suction can be a disadvantage when cleaning delicate carpets.
► It may not suck up larger particles, unlike the Shark.

Which One to Go For?
Consider your requirements before deciding which vacuum cleaner is the best for you. If you have pets at home, then the Dyson would be a better choice, as it is specifically designed to deal with pet hair, though even the Shark does a decent job. People with less upper-body strength can opt for the Shark, due to it lesser weight and removable canister. Also, the Shark vacuum cleaner has a very good performance considering the price difference between the two cleaners.

On the other hand, looking at long-term durability, the Dyson wins hands down. Its low maintenance needs are a significant advantage. Also, the Dyson has earned a reputation as one of the top vacuum cleaner brands in the world, and even comes across as a status symbol.
Be it Shark or Dyson, both vacuum cleaners have reasonably good performance, with a few differences. With competition in the market getting tougher, both these brands are always fine-tuning their products to leave no chance for complaints.