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Shower Drain Cover

Directions to Replace the Shower Drain Cover Without Any Hassle

Shower drain covers are one of the most important parts of any bathroom, which need to be replaced once they go out of order so as to avoid plumbing problems in the bathroom.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Shower Drain Cover
A shower drain cover is fixed between the shower enclosure and the drainage pipe. It acts as a well-deserved divide that you seek between the filthy drainage pipe and the refreshing bathing area. Imagine, if there were no such covers, you probably wouldn't have been able to spend even few minutes in the bathroom. However, you may need to remove or replace one at some point or the other. Sometimes, the drainage pipe may get clogged, or you may need to replace the broken drain cover, or you may just feel the need to clean the drainage pipe. You do not have to call a professional at such times as dealing with these covers is quite an easy job.
Buying a New One
You have to choose a right type of drainage system for your bathroom. The selection process depends much on the kind of drain pipe you have. Some drain covers are fixed over the pipe using screws, and others can be fixed using special waterproof seals or solvent welds, etc. You also have to consider the size of the drain, and buy the cover accordingly. Measure the diameter of the drain and buy one that covers a little more surface area than the actual drain. You also have to consider its design, material, and pattern before buying it. You have the choice to choose from plenty of patterns and designs, which can suit the overall decor of your bathroom well. But, when it comes to materials, plastic varieties seem to be the most preferred one as they are durable, and also offer a wide choice in patterns and designs. So, considering these factors, you first have to buy a new one.
The only thing that you will need while removing the existing drain cover is a screw driver. First, dry the area around it thoroughly, and locate the screws with which it is fixed to the drain or the fixture. Once you find the screws, remove all of them using a screw driver. You may not have to store these if you are going to replace one, with a new cover that comes with new screws. When all the screws are removed, pull it off from the fixture. In case if it has no screws, you'll have to pry it open, with the help of a flat headed screw driver. Also, remove all the sealant from the fixture, and make the surface clean. Before replacing one, you might as well clean the drainage pipe since you have anyway removed its cover.
Installing it is not as difficult as installing a shower drain. It is quite easy if you have some basic plumbing skills. With the new drain cover, you will get the screws with which you need to fix one in the fixture. You may also use some caulking material such as white cement to fix the cover tightly. In case of screw less varieties too, you can use white cement, or silicon caulk to fix one over the fixture. Make sure that you install a trap directly below the fixture to prevent sewer gases from the pipe to escape into the bathroom. Also, make sure that you install a vent pipe above the level of the drain pipe so that the adequate air pressure helps in smooth water flow.
However, make sure that you take enough precaution and safety measures while removing and replacing it. As far as buying a new one is concerned, you can buy it online, where you can compare prices and designs and buy the one that suit your taste and your pocket aptly.
Shower drain
Shower drain