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Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish

Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish

If the presence of silverfish is wreaking havoc in your homes, then read the following HomeQuicks article to know about the different ways to get rid of silverfish. These methods are really very effective and safe for anyone to follow.
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Silverfish, also known as fishmoth, is a wingless insect that looks like a fish. It is just about 1.2 inches long and has a long, slender, and flat body. It possess a silvery body color and has a broad frontal part that tapers towards the end. Fishmoth infestation can be found anywhere in the house, but these insects usually reside in the damp and moderate temperature places, like basements, laundry rooms, etc.

Some Features of Fishmoth

Silverfish bugs need a dark environment along with a good supply of starchy foods or molds.

✎ They are referred to as pests, and they usually feed on wallpapers, clothes, books, papers, and even some types of dust.

✎ They have a three-stage life cycle called gradual metamorphosis. They are active in the night and are found in the dark places of homes.

✎ They tend to damage book bindings and clothes made of cotton, linen, and silk. They leave a yellowish stain on clothes.

✎ Fishmoth cannot be controlled by just reducing the moisture in the house. You need to take care of all the leaks in the house and cover the cracks with a silicone caulk. These insects cannot survive in a dry environment and, therefore, they die quickly.

✎ You can easily locate their hiding places, as they are always near food. They love starch, sugar, and protein foods. Thus, you may find them near starched clothes, wallpaper glue, silk, cereals, and even synthetic fibers and papers.

✎ You can observe the presence of irregular holes and scrappings on the wallpapers, as the fishmoth may be trying to eat the glue.

Silverfish Extermination Methods

To prevent the extensive damage caused by these insects, many people look for elimination methods. Mentioned below are a few of them.

Elimination Baits

✔ You need to place some baits near areas of suspected silverfish infestation. You need a bowl, index cards, flour, and water.

✔ Pour a cup of water in the bowl, and add some flour to make a paste. The paste should have a very thin consistency, and then, using a brush, apply it on both the sides of the index cards.

✔ When the cards turn dry, place them in possible areas of infestations. Thereafter, you will observe that irregular scrapping has taken place on the cards, which implies that the insect must have fed on it after a week.

✔ This method will help you determine whether the area has been invaded by fishmoth or not.

Elimination Trap

✔ You can carry out a successful silverfish extermination using canning jars. All you have to do is scrub them sparkling clean, and then, wrap a masking tape on the outside so that it becomes easy for this insect to climb.

✔ Keep some starchy food or a moist cotton in the jar as bait. The fishmoth will climb into the jar and get trapped, as it will not be able to climb out because of the smooth walls of the jar.

Cockroach Trap

✔ You can use sticky roach traps for getting rid of this insect.

✔ Place the roach traps in possible areas of infestation, and watch these silvery creatures getting trapped.

Silverfish Book Infestation

✔ If your books are on the verge of getting ruined due to fishmoth infestation, wrap them in a plastic bag or zipper storage bag, and add some desiccant to it.

✔ Then, place the books in the freezer for three days. The low temperature and lack of air will help in completely annihilating this insect.

It is of utmost importance to fill all the cracks in the house, as it allows these creatures to hide. Remember to call a professional exterminator for help in case you face any difficulties. Hoping that the above-mentioned remedies help you in getting rid of this menace at the earliest.

Disclaimer: This HomeQuicks article is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.

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