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Know What a Slotted Spoon is and Why it is Essential in the Kitchen

Have you heard of spoons with holes? Yes you have. This spoon can be found in almost every kitchen and is called a slotted spoon. Even though we take these everyday items for granted, wouldn't it be nice to know why someone wanted to make a spoon that wouldn't hold liquids at all?
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
What on earth is a slotted spoon? The term may be unfamiliar but the spoon definitely shouldn't be. Anybody familiar with kitchen utensils has seen one of these and perhaps even used them. I'll give you a clue ... these spoons come in all shapes and sizes and they have holes in them. Does that ring a bell?
A slotted spoon is what you use to extract solid food from residual liquid, by allowing the liquid to seep through the slots and return to the cooking pot. These spoons were crafted with holes in order to make cooking easier and less dangerous. This spoon was originally made, so as to separate boiling oil from fried food, thereby, protecting the chef from oil burns. It usually has a longish handle that gives the cook adequate distance to stand away from the stove. The spoon acts as a sieve that separates the solid food from hot oil or sugar syrup.
Origin of the Slotted Spoon
The first spoon of this kind was specially made sometime during the 1700s, for preparing an extremely alcoholic and hallucinogenic drink known as absinthe. Unlike the absinthe sold today, the ancient version of this drink was almost 90% more potent. This spoon was called the absinthe or green fairy's spoon and was used for holding sugar cubes on which the alcoholic liquid would be poured to add flavor to the drink.
Uses of this Spoon
  • It helps in removing fried foods from boiling oil, such as French fries, fried chicken, sausages, etc.
  • Used for separating pasta and noodles from boiling water.
  • For separating vegetables from broth, gravy, and water.
  • For serving large pieces on the plate.
  • For removing canned fruits from sugar syrup, ice cubes from drinks, and foods from sauces.
There are two types of slotted spoons, one for the kitchen and the other for decorative dining purposes. Slotted dining spoons have very attractive designs on them that make each one of them unique. A serving spoon of this kind can be used at the dining table for smaller portions. The ladles on the other hand, are bigger with larger capacity and are often used for removing large portions of meat from the stove.
Slotted stainless steel spoons do not let bacteria or germs fester in their holes because they are very easy to wash. These spoons can be found in a variety materials, such as steel, plastic, wood, or Teflon. Plastic spoons are lightweight, durable, heat-resistant, and can be washed in the dishwasher. Wooden spoons last for years if used properly, do not heat up much, and are easy to clean. However, they should never be put in the dishwasher or they'll get damaged.
So now that you know what these spoons do, go ahead and grab one for yourself.