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These Cures for Stinky Shoes are Incredibly Useful

Stinky Shoes Cure
Sick, tired and embarrassed of the stink coming out of your shoes? Here are some useful tips for curing stinky shoes, read on...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Smelly shoes is a problem that almost all of us have encountered, at one time or the other. Excess sweating in the feet, especially during the summer months or due to undertaking physical activities, is the main culprit behind it. Sometimes, washing the shoes and not drying them properly, before wearing, can make them stink bad too. As many of us know, excessively smelly shoes can be a social embarrassment, still, we cannot throw away our favorite shoes, simply because they smell bad! So, what is the solution? Let's find out through this HomeQuicks article...
How to Remove Stinky Odor from Shoes
Smelly Socks?
drying socks
First things first, do you think that the smell in shoes has actually been passed on to them by your socks? Sometimes, people wear the same pair of socks for a couple of days, without washing. This builds up the bacteria and makes them smell bad. This same smell that comes from your socks, can start emanating from your shoes too! So, if this is the case, start wearing clean, washed socks and change them everyday.
Comfortable Shoes
breathable shoes
Choose your shoes carefully. If your feet sweat in excess, wear shoes made from breathable materials. Also, the size of the shoes should be appropriate. If the shoes are too tight, particularly towards the toes, it may sometimes lead to excessive sweating in the feet, which can cause the shoes to smell bad.
Sunlight naturally kills germs
shoes in the window
Sunlight is the best remedy as it kills the germs and removes bad odor from the shoes too. So, keep your shoes in direct sunlight for a few hours and soon, you will see that the bad smell has vanished! This works wonders when the smell is caused by moisture inside the shoes.
Some Home Remedies
baking soda
Baking soda is an excellent home remedy to get rid of shoe odor. Sprinkle baking soda evenly inside the shoes. Leave the shoes as it is for a night. In the morning, turn the shoes upside down and shake them to get rid of the baking soda, before wearing. Another cure for stinky shoes is to apply rubbing alcohol on the insides and leave it on for about two to three hours. Rubbing alcohol will absorb the bad odor, making the shoes smell normal again.
Use Talcum Powder to Get Rid of Odor
talcum powder
To get rid of the smell caused by excessive smelling, take some talcum powder and sprinkle it on the feet, before wearing socks and shoes. The powder would absorb the sweat and thus, your socks and shoes would not smell bad.
Deep Freeze your shoes
shoes in fridge
A quick tip on getting rid of the smell in shoes is to place them in a plastic bag, seal it properly and then keep in the freezer for a night. The cold will kill the bacteria and remove the bad odor from the shoes.
Try Some Other Products
If none of these home remedies works, go in for the products that are especially designed to remove odor from shoes. You can easily find these in a supermarket. Purchase them and apply on your shoes, as instructed. This will definitely remove the bad smell from your shoes. Another idea is to get insoles for your shoes, that have an inbuilt mechanism to kill all kinds of germs and bacteria on the feet as well as inside the shoes.
washable shoes
If the shoes are washable, a good idea would be to first of all wash them and then use any of the remedies suggested above, once they are clean and dry. An effective solution to clean shoes can be made at home by mixing together one part baking soda in three parts hot water. After cleaning the shoes with this solution, they should be dried in the sunlight and then sprinkled with baking soda. This should get rid of the stink coming out of the shoes.