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Suede Brush

Suede Brush

A suede brush is a cleaning tool, used for cleaning suede clothing, shoes and other products. Equipped with soft and metal bristles, this brush helps clean suede material effectively without disturbing its nappy texture.
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Suede is a lovely fabric with a napped finish, suited for clothing, gloves, shoes, bags, furniture and many other accessories. Soft and thin, items based on this fabric feel good to touch and look beautiful. Many times, it is used to line leather goods. The original suede leather is made from the inner side of animal skin. It is less durable than leather, but is more pliable and softer, making it an excellent fabric for use in delicate items. Also, there are other faux types available in the market that imitate suede leather in texture and appearance.

Whether you use your suede product regularly or occasionally, it is going to collect dust like any other fabric. Eventually, you need to clean and make it look fresh and new. In case, you want to keep the nappy surface intact, you should take extra care while cleaning it. Never rely on a tough bristle brush for cleaning the suede fabric. Also, simply rubbing the suede surface with a cloth is not sufficient to remove adhering dust and dirt. What you can do is use a brush for suede items and adopt simple cleaning steps. Here, we will take a look at suede brushes where you can buy them and some usage tips.

What is a Suede Brush?

It is a simple device, specifically designed for cleaning suede boots, clothing, upholstery, and similar products. It is more or less like a typical brush, having a long wooden handle and a body lined with bristles. The specialty of this brush is its solid wooden body, which is equipped with a combination of soft and metallic bristles, arranged in a regular pattern. A perfect brush will have metallic bristles arranged in the center of the body, surrounded by soft bristles on the periphery. While rubbing over a suede material, the combined effect of delicate and metal bristles helps in removing surface stains (dried ones) and revive the nappy surface.

Where to Buy a Suede Brush?

Brushes for cleaning suede fabric are sold in shoe stores, leather shops and supermarkets. Kits for suede cleaning are also available, which come with a suede cleaner and small brush. While buying, check for the appropriate size as per your requirements. A suede brush is not so costly, hence you can keep many of them with varied shapes and sizes. You will also get brushes with extra soft bristles for uggs. To get the best deal, you can check it out in different stores. If you are taking more than one, you can ask for discounts from the particular store.

How to Use a Suede Brush?

Needless to say, suede products are more pricey as compared to the ones with regular fabric. So, it is understandable that you will try your best to make them look new for a longer period. With proper suede cleaning instructions, you will definitely get impressive results. First of all, use a bath towel to rub the suede surface. This will bring up some of the nap and help in dislodging dust particles. Use a pencil eraser to rub over dried stains and marks. Then, gently brush the surface with a suede brush to get rid of foreign particles, while still maintaining its fuzzy appearance.

As you see, it is an excellent tool for cleaning suede fabric and restoring its original texture. So, go ahead and use suede brushes to make your cleaning projects easy, and at the same time, increase the durability of your costly suede accessories. In case of tough stains, it is best to dry clean them. In the concluding note, every suede garment should be cleaned professionally for at least once in two years to retain its original texture.