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Things You Should Know about the Damask Fabric

Things You Should Know about the Damask Fabric

When you're feeling imperial, reach for damask. It's a patterned cotton, silk, or woolen fabric made on a Jacquard loom, which is often used in decorative fabrics and exquisite apparel. HomeQuicks gets you acquainted with it.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
Unmask Damask!
Damask designs originated in Damascus, Syria. Hence, the name Damask. It was historically used to make jackets and other heavy outer garments.
Fabrics can completely change a room. They can transform a plain room to a spectacular one. Owning damask is a luxurious thing. This fabric can set a tone in any room. Be it your bedroom or some hotel room, damask has a form for all; whether you want something formal and elegant, or something more causal and relaxed. The unique, glossy look of this fabric sets it apart from all other materials available in the market. Dress your furniture with silks and satins, and please not just you, but everyone who visits you. Let us understand the various components of damask.
What is Damask Fabric?
Damask fabric is a Jacquard-patterned fabric, which is reversible. This fabric is made of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving. It is firm and sheeny.
The basic weaving techniques of the Byzantine and Islamic weaving centers of the early Middle Ages were used for the production of damask. As mentioned earlier, damasks derived their name from the city of Damascus, which was a large city popular for trading and manufacturing. Usage of Damask decreased considerably after the ninth century.

These were being woven on draw looms in Italy, in the fourteenth century. Till the sixteenth century, most damasks were woven in a single color, with a shiny satin pattern on a duller background. Two-color damasks had contrasting color warps and wefts. Metallic threads were infused in the polychrome damasks, including colors like gold and silver. Medieval damasks were usually woven in silk, wool, and linen.
Characteristics of Modern Damask
✦ It is created with one warp and one weft, alternatively considering a satin and a sateen weave. Generally, the satin warp and the sateen weft weaves keep interchanging. The figures or designs are in the weft, and the background is in the warp. Sometimes, twill or other binding weaves may are introduced.

✦ Damask is mainly made from silk, although cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fibers are also used. Modern damasks are woven on computerized Jacquard looms.

✦ These are generally weaved in monochromatic (single-color) threads of silk, linen, and rayon, featuring geometric or botanical patterns, although they have started integrating animals and other simple scenes (with the help of polychromatic threads).

✦ Patterns in this fabric are created due to reflection of light in the weave structure. This warp and weft threads' combination results into the creation of a unique fabric that reflects light differently if viewed from different positions.

✦ Synthetic damask is more durable than that made with the help of organic substances.

✦ Damask isn't brocade, unlike the common myth. It is similar to brocade, but is flatter. It tends to be expensive for the dense weave used in thread and silk as a raw material.

✦ It is believed to be one of the first and most graceful fabrics of the Renaissance.
Some of the Most Common Patterns
Uses of Damask Fabric
As Scarves and Tablecloths
Characteristics of Fabric: Patterns or figures
damask tablecloth
damask scarves
As Curtains and Draperies
Characteristics of Fabric: Reversible and durable
damask curtain and drapery
damask curtain and cushion
As Cushions
Characteristics of Fabric: Silky and cozy, coming in a variety of shiny patterns
damask gold geometric cushions
damask gold-silver cushions
For Upholstery
Characteristics of Fabric: Firm and glossy
damask design on sofa
blue damask upholstery
In Bedding
Characteristics of Fabric: Sheds dirt, launders better
damask bedding
As Wallpapers
Characteristics of Fabric: Patterns or figures
black damask wallpaper with gold design
gold damask wallpaper
light green damask wallpaper
purple damask wallpaper
We hope that you got an idea of what damask is, and where all it can be used. Use this lustrous fabric to enlighten your home and, in general, glorify your interior.