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Unbelievably Smart Uses of Orange Peel You Never Knew

Unbelievably Smart Uses of Orange Peel
That's right, think twice before you chuck away an orange peel. And no, we're definitely not asking you to make candied orange peels or marmalade. Here are a few of the many ways orange peels could save your life.
Amita Ray
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
Peel Surplus 85 percent of the oranges grown are consumed in the form of juice.
Uses of Orange Peel- Orange-Scented Candle
Treat yourself to an exquisite aroma therapy in a few simple steps, and practically for nothing! Just cut the top of an orange, neatly scoop out its insides, place a teapot candle in it, and you're all set. You could also choose to embellish your candle holder with a few cloves.
Uses of Orange Peel- Orange Bird Feeder
Grace your garden with some lively banter and soulful chirps. Why invest in a bird feeder when the scraps of your kitchen can do just that! Scoop out the insides of halves of an orange, pierce the skin with a knife, and attach strings to it. Fill the inside with some bird, food and voila, your bird feeder is ready.
Uses of Orange Peel- Organic Cleaning Agent
Make your own non-hazardous and chemical-free cleaning agent with some orange peels and vinegar. Simply place the peels in a mason jar and soak them in vinegar for two weeks. Dilute with equal amounts of water, fill it in a bottle with a spray nozzle, and use it for cleaning as well as removal of rust stains.
Uses of Orange Peel- Insect Repellent
Orange peels seem to be rich in a compound called limonene. This compound is lethal to insects, and can help wade off a number of them, like mosquitoes, moths, aphids, ants, fleas, flies, etc. You could simply rub the peels on the skin or place them on a patch prone to insects.
Uses of Orange Peel- Deodorizer
If you're troubled by certain malodorous wafts, then orange peels may be your answer. If it is those stinky shoes that are troubling you, just place a few peels wrapped in parchment in them for a day. Get rid of the musty smell in your closet by tossing in some orange peels. You could deodorize your refrigerator by placing a little salt in the outer rind of an orange. To deodorize your microwave, put the peels in bowl of water and nuke it on high for 5 minutes.
Uses of Orange Peel- Soften Hard Brown Sugar
If you've managed to get yourself a solid brick of hard brown sugar, simply place a few orange peels in a container with the sugar and let it sit overnight for the peels to work their magic. Prevent this problem completely by simply storing the sugar with orange peels.
Uses of Orange Peel- Goodbye Gum Remove gum from clothes
Got gum on your clothes? Remove them by rubbing orange oil. To make orange oil you could soak crushed peels in vodka for 3 days and let the alcohol evaporate. This oil can have other uses too, from making perfumes to fabric softener. To get gum/tar off your shoes, rub the peel on it, and it'll be as good as new.
Uses of Orange Peel- Remove Stains
Remove soap stains from utensils, and coffee stains from your cups by rubbing orange peels on them. You could also remove those hard-to-get stains from your clothes with the same. Another perk of using orange peels for cleaning is that they keep your nails shiny!
Uses of Orange Peel- Kindle
Trying to get a fire going? Use dried orange peels as a fire starter. Not only are they free but also help your home smell like oranges. Another perk of using the peels is that, they're soot-free and help keep the chimney cleaner. Toss in a few pieces of dried orange peels in the pit on your next barbecue and add a whole lot of the zesty goodness to your steak.
Uses of Orange Peel-Beauty Regime
The plain old orange peel with a few other humble ingredients can make you swear off all the expensive skin, hair, and nail products. Say goodbye to dandruff, acne, pimples, wrinkles, and the rest of your beauty blues with orange. Mix 2 tsp of powdered orange peel with 1 tsp of honey and yogurt each for blemish-free skin. Soak powdered orange peels in water overnight, apply to your scalp, wash, and say goodbye to dandruff.