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Useful Tips for Maintaining a Honed Granite Countertop

Useful Tips for Maintaining a Honed Granite Countertop
Isn't it frustrating when the stains on that honed granite countertop don't just get off? HomeQuicks will provide you with some skillful shortcuts to keep your honed granite spick and span.
Mukta Badipatla
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Light-colored honed granite stones should be cleaned using bleach or hydrogen peroxide, whereas dark-colored stones should be cleaned using acetone.
Honed Granite Countertop
Honed granite is a matte-finished stone, which has a smooth texture. As compared to other granite stones that are polished, honed granite has a lighter shade of color. Nevertheless, a sealer, which is meant for color enhancing, is made use of to make the honed granite darker.
Granite, being one of the few hardest stones on earth, is resistant to heat and scratches. Honed granite is more prone to staining than polished granite. If not maintained properly, it will clearly show oil stains and dust specs.
Without further ado, let's see some methods and tips to keep a honed granite countertop clean.
Honed Granite Maintenance Tips
Cleaning Granite
Use warm water and liquid soap to get rid of those stains on the honed granite countertop. Make sure that the soap being used is phosphate-free, otherwise it will damage the texture of the stone. Do not use excessive liquid soap, as in the long run, it will leave a film on the stone, resulting in the loss of its gloss.
Cleaners in Market
There are cleansers available in the market that are specifically formulated to clean honed granite. You can use these without the fear of corroding the stone. While wiping the stone clean, use cotton for a better sheen.
To remove stains of coffee and lemon, you can add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to water, and then add ammonia to it. Dab this mixture to a soft cloth and rub it on the stain. Leave the mixture on the stain for a couple of minutes and then wipe it off with a wet cloth moistened in water.
Glass On Granite
While placing a glass of alcohol or citrus juice on the granite stone, use coasters and trivets to avoid stains.
If there are spills of a certain liquid or food product on the granite, then dab the spill with a paper towel. Wiping the area with a cloth will make the spill to spread across the stone. Once you dab it off, you can rinse the surface with liquid biodegradable soap and warm water.
If there is a buildup of moss or algae on the stone, then you can use mild bleach with water to rinse the surface clean.
Metallic stains can damage and stain the stone forever. In such a situation, the honed granite countertop has to be poulticed. Poulticing is a procedure in which the poultice powder (available in stores and with stone dealers) is made into a paste by adding a liquid chemical to it. This paste is worked upon the stains of the stone and is allowed to rest for about 48 hours. As the paste slowly dries, it sucks away all the stains. The procedure can be repeated if the stains are too stubborn.
Stains from oil, ink, paint, and cosmetics can be wiped off with a cleanser, bleach, or acetone on the honed granite countertop.
While using the honed granite countertop in your kitchen or as your dining table top, make sure that you get the stone sealed by your stone supplier. Sealing is a process that makes the stone resistant to stains. Remember that sealing cannot make honed granite stones 100% stain-proof. It just acts as a good repellent to stains.
What You Should Avoid
Harsh Detergents
Do not use normal soap bars or harsh detergents while rinsing the surface of the honed granite countertop, because it makes the stone lose its glossy finish.
Powdered detergents contain pumice, which is abrasive for the surface of the stone.
Acidic cleansers can corrode the honed granite countertop.
If the interiors of the house with honed granite stones are kept clean, without the buildup of dust, then the chances of dirt accumulation on the stone reduces. This keeps the stains away.
Do not use ammonia excessively while cleaning the honed granite countertop. It makes the stone dull.
Buying Cleansers
While buying cleansers for your honed granite stones, check if it contains hydrofluoric acid. If it does, then avoid the product. Cleansers with hydrofluoric acid damage the stone.
So the next time when your honed granite is dirty and stained you will not be in a clueless state of mind. Also, keep in mind what you should be avoiding for the long life of the stone.
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