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How to Use a Wallpaper Steamer

How to Use a Wallpaper Steamer
This article will elaborate on using a steamer to remove wallpaper. The wallpaper removal tips will surely be of good use. The steamer is a very handy tool. This article will help you to solve the question as to how to remove wallpaper with a steamer? Have a look...
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Whenever you want to remove wallpapers, the glue underneath the wallpaper is the real enemy. You should be looking for a wallpaper removal tool which does not harm your wall. For this reason, a wallpaper steamer is the best tool that you can find in the market.
A wallpaper steamer comes with a hose and a hot water tank. The hose is attached to the hot plate of the hot water tank. When the water starts boiling, the steam will be released from the hot plate. This steam should be directed towards the wallpaper. It will weaken the strength of the glue. Once the glue is softened, you can easily remove the wallpaper. The handle which is provided on the steamer should ease your task of spreading the steam all over the wallpaper.
Why not simply scrape the wallpaper off with your bare hands? Why not use raw power to remove the wallpaper? First thing, that would be simply foolish. Second thing, it is better to use your brain than your strength. Using a steamer for wallpaper removal is an easier option. You would have to probably rent the steamer or you can simply buy one. If you choose to buy one, you will have to assemble it according to the instructions given. Attach the hose and hotplate to the hot water tank. Procure a large piece of cloth (or anything similar) and lay it on the floor, so that the fallen wallpaper will be collected on it. Once you do these two things, plug in the steamer and let the water in the system heat up.
Before you start using the steamer, see to it that you are well covered. Remember that you are working with very hot water. Due precautions must be taken while using a wallpaper steamer. The surface of the wallpaper must have holes in it. If there aren't any holes then the steam will not reach the glue. For this, roll the paper tiger all over the wallpaper. The spikes of paper tiger will create many holes in the wallpaper. Make sure that you do not press very hard while rolling. Spikes may end up making holes in the wall as well. So it's better to avoid using brute strength with the paper tiger. Now that the holes are made on the surface of wallpaper, you are free to use the steamer. How to use it though? Well, just use the hose and spray the steam all over the wallpaper. Wait for a while for the steam and the glue to combine. You can simply start peeling now.
Other Methods of Removing Wallpaper
There are other wallpaper removal tips besides using the steamer. Various chemicals when combined with hot water can be used to remove the wallpaper. Ammonia, vinegar and fabric softener are just a few that can be named. For using these methods, wallpaper scoring tool has to be used. The scoring tool creates many holes in the wallpaper. You can apply the chemical solutions with a sponge. The solution would then trickle into the wallpaper from the holes. Wait for a while before you start removing the wallpaper. You have to let the solution take effect on the glue. All you need to do now is simply peel off the wallpaper.
The above method that has been presented is tested and sure to work. Hope that the above article helps you in your endeavor!
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