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Surprisingly Easy Ways to Get Rid of Water Stains on Ceilings

Water Stains on Ceiling
Water stains may result in growth of molds which can make your ceiling structurally weak and ugly. These stains decolorize the paint on the wall and are seen as patches on the ceiling.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Leakage from water pipe, stagnant water and condensation are some of the possible causes of water stains. Apart from these, hard water can also be a reason behind the leakage, as it damages the pipes prematurely. Hard water even leaves behind tough stains. These stains are mostly caused in the rainy or winter season. During snow fall, there is a formation of ice dams which may result in leakage. This gives micro-organisms like mold, the best condition to grow which result in ugly patches on the ceiling. Mold removal methods should be adopted, so as to save the ceiling from permanent damage. If the stains are small, you can fix it on your own but in case of bigger stains it's better to consult an expert.
Ascertain the Main Reason Behind the Stains
Inspecting cause of stains
It's very important to find out the main reason behind the stains. If you call a painter when the problem is with the pipe, it will be just a waste of time and money. May be the culprit for the water stains is some pipe which needs repair. Water may be rolling down from the main source and is getting stagnated at a particular end where you can see the stains. Hence it is very important to find out the source of water leakage before treating the stains on the wall.
Moisture on the wall gives a chance to the micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi to grow and spread, giving colors and ugly shapes to your water stained ceiling. Just getting the walls and ceiling painted will be of no use, if the moisture has not been removed from the walls. The stains will pop out again from your fresh paint after some days. So it's advisable to search for a reason before taking any step. A proper search about the stain removal technique will help you to find out a proper solution.
How to Fix Water Stains on Walls and Ceiling
✤ Clean the area of stain and make sure the area is completely dry.
Woman cleaning stain
✤ Simply clean them with water and detergent.
Cleaning wall with water
✤ Tape off the paint in case of larger stains and consult the painters or the experts to solve a bigger problem.
Man painting stain wall
✤ Find out the reason behind the stain and fix it.

✤ If the stains are smaller, they are easier to fix. They can just be hidden with the help of chalk, crayon or shoe polish.

✤ Bleach can also be used to remove the stains.

✤ Fix the problem before painting the wall to avoid reappearance of stain.

✤ You can stop the stains with the help of a stain blocker or oil paints.
Stain problem should be solved as soon as possible, to avoid further damage to your house. If you have a designer wall like 'popcorn wall' then you should call an expert for this job. If you are fixing the stains on your own, then take all necessary precautions. Do not forget to wear mask and glasses to protect your eyes and face from the paint. Take care of the water stains so that next time when someone visits your house there will be no stains to be ashamed of and you will even be able to give them stain removal tips. Everyone can have a beautiful house, they just have to follow proper method to fight against the water stains on ceiling. So, get rid of it and give your house an admirable look.
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